Woman Saves A Dog In Labor From A Busy Highway

Woman Saves A Dog In Labor From A Busy Highway

A dog running back and forth on a highway? That can’t be right.

These were the exact same thoughts of Erica Wilson, a young woman responsible for saving many doggy lives.

A day that started normally, just like any other, turned into a rescue mission. You don’t get a chance to save dogs stranded on a busy road every day, not when you’re going to the pharmacy and having other plans.

Erica knew she had to react fast. Everything was on the verge of ending tragically.

The situation makes a hero, so Erica jumped on the opportunity and saved more than one dog’s life. She saved the world.

Right There, When She Needed It The Most

dog sitting near tree

“I saw this black thing in my peripheral to my left, right along the road,” said Wilson. “I looked over, and thought, ‘This is not happening … that is not a dog on the loose about to run onto the highway.’”

Erica’s short drive to the pharmacy took an unexpected turn. While driving on one of the busiest highways in Texas, Erica saw something moving on her side, and it wasn’t a vehicle.

It was a dog, clearly lost in panic.

Erica parked her car and ran straight to the dog, calling her to approach her. Luckily, the stray seemed pretty timid and wasn’t afraid to come close to Erica. The whines and the crying coming from the dog broke Erica’s heart into pieces.

And, just when they thought things couldn’t be more complicated, it started to rain.

Yeah, when it rains, it pours.

A kind stranger saw Erica comforting the scared dog, and gave them a poncho to cover themselves while they were waiting for help to arrive.

“She just let me put the poncho over both of us like we were meant to be hanging out together on the side of the road, in the rain, sharing a poncho.”

Erica had Border Collie Rescue & Rehab on the line as support and decided what was the best thing to do for this poor girl in need. As agreed, Erica rushed her to the vet where it was confirmed that the dog was pregnant, but still not in labor.

There was time for her puppies to arrive into this world.

The sweet dog mommy picked the right moment to start panicking. If she hadn’t desperately begged for help, she would have never met Erica.

Experienced in rescuing dogs, Erica took the dog, which she named Winnie, home, where she made sure she was comfortable and feeling safe.

“When people came over to meet her, she was in heaven,” Wilson said. “No running to hide for this girl, she wants to be in the dead center getting pets and loving affirmations.”

Who would have thought that the terrified dog picked from the highway would turn out to be such a cuddler… so needy of attention.

Days passed, and two weeks after her rescue, Winnie finally gave birth to her little ones.

dog with her newborn puppies

On Christmas Eve, 2022, the brave momma gave birth to 10 wonderful puppies. Six boys and four girls wiggled their way into the world. Unfortunately, one of them didn’t make it because of the fading puppy syndrome. |1|

Winnie was left with nine babies to adore and take good care of.

And, she truly did an amazing job raising them!

Roo, Kanga, Rumbly, Tumbly, Willy, Nilly, Honey, Bunny, and Bear the puppies from Winnie and the Poohs litter won over the Internet. Applications for their adoptions came pouring in.

Why wouldn’t they be coming so fast when these pups were incredibly sweet? See!

newborn puppies sleeping

The Poohs found their furever homes as soon as they were fit for adoption. Two of the pups named Willy and Bear ended up adopted by Erica’s in-laws and her dad, so she gets to see them all the time!

black dog with new owners

These pups were blessed to be found by Erica, and even more blessed to have a good mommy like Winnie.

She did a great job, and now this girl is enjoying her retirement. The stray that was left on her own to give birth and take care of her pups found a four-leafed clover. And, her name was Erica.

Today, Winnie lives with her foster family and is regularly treated for her heartworm condition. She’s absolutely loving her new life, acting playful as a puppy all the time.

confused black dog sitting in a car

God only knows what would’ve happened to this mommy and her pups if Erica didn’t see her on that Texas highway.

Winnie risked it big-time, but she managed to find a person who would stop on a busy road just to save her. And, for that, we’re eternally grateful to Erica.


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