Dog Mommy Found Buried Up To Her Neck, Rescued With Her Puppies Thanks To A Hero Vet

Dog Mommy Found Buried Up To Her Neck, Rescued With Her Puppies Thanks To A Hero Vet

Taking care of helpless animals is not just a simple act of mercy, but a life-changing mission that keeps humanity alive. Stories like this particular one are once again proof of how strong the bond between dogs and people is.

And, how truly beautiful it can be!

Soner Büyümez is the man who found himself in the right place at the right time. He was just doing his regular work in an orchard when he heard a helpless dog howling. And, the rest, as they say, is history!

Mom Dog Was Trapped In The Ground With Her Puppies

a buried dog peeks out of the ground

Soner and his colleague were working on his farm shortly after a landslide had occurred. Within a few hours, they heard a desperate dog howling. As they were trying to figure out where it was coming from, they saw a helpless dog buried in the ground with only her head above.

Apparently, the new mom made a home for her and her puppies on a slight slope in the empty land near the orchard when the landslide occurred.

At that time, Soner didn’t know that there was a whole litter of puppies buried under the ground. He and his colleague saved the mom dog, grabbing her front legs and pulling her out. But, she still seemed to be stressed out and they didn’t know why…

Soner Büyümez Digs Out The Entire Canine Family

a man digs the ground to save a dog

Right after they pulled the dog out, the two heard puppies screaming and yelping from the burrow. They immediately started digging with their bare hands, hauling soil and rocks out.

After only a few minutes of digging, they came across a small puppy whose entire body was matted with dirt. That’s when Soner realized that there were probably more puppies buried in the ground, so they continued their search.

rescued buried puppies

The two kept digging for two more hours, saving the lives of six more puppies. The total number of successfully rescued canines was eight, but unfortunately, one of them didn’t make it.

The mom was so happy to be finally on safe ground with her babies, and the infants could finally breathe with full capacity!

The Family Of Eight Now Has A New Home

rescued buried puppies sleep on the ground

A timely reaction of a hero vet and his colleague was the reason why the whole family was miraculously saved! Soner decided to keep the dog together with her babies on the farm, providing a nurturing, safe home for them.

Even though she lost one of her puppies, the dog mom was now in a safe place where she could raise her babies carefree. And, all of that is thanks to a selfless man who put the needs of a dog family before anything else!

Soner has already taken in dozens of other dogs on his farm and he provides them with food and other necessities. This noble vet is a true hero who doesn’t wear a cape, but his actions serve as a testament of humanity!

We wish him and his dogs a great life filled with endless happiness and lovely memories!

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