These Mastiffs Have A Better Sense Of Humor Than All Of Us

These Mastiffs Have A Better Sense Of Humor Than All Of Us

Meet Alayna and her Neapolitan Mastiffs, an unusual Upstate New York family that’s quite special.

Besides the fact that Alayna’s dogs belong to a breed of pretty rare dogs you don’t see every day on the streets, there’s something else special about them.

Oh, yeah, like what?

Well, like the fact that they have a better sense of humor than you, me, and the rest of the world.

I kid you not.

When Alayna discovered that Madeline and Barnabas are super hilarious, she decided to let the world know about their funny punch lines. 

Soon enough, the Internet, as well as their Instagram account, were flooded with funny pics featuring two Neos wearing signs.

And, each one is better than the previous one!

I’ll leave you with the Neapolitans so you can laugh all you want.

We’re Not Cheesy, We’re Hilarious

two dogs with elephant on signs

Let’s go back a few years in the past, even before the dark age of the Covid pandemic.

Alayna has always been a huge fan of animals. Ever since she was able to take care of dogs, she has put her finger on her chosen breed: the Neapolitan Mastiff.

Pretty uncommon, right?

Well, Alayna just fell in love with those squishy-faced gentle giants. She got her first Neo in 2008. It was Madeline. Soon enough, after just two years, Alanya got Barnabas – Madeline’s other half.

The rest became history.

Alayna started posting funny pics on Instagram and sharing her dogs’ sprinkles of wisdom and humor.

And, the Internet loved it!

“I just thought it would be something funny and unique and something I hadn’t seen anyone else do. Honestly I never thought everyone would love my adorable dogs and cheesy puns so much!”, said Alayna.

The years flew by and Madeline sadly crossed the rainbow bridge in 2018. Barnabas followed her in 2019.

Even the brief life with Sergio, the third Neo Alayna got in 2019, came to an end in 2022.

Alayna was left heartbroken with Addy and Augie, the newest family additions.

But, the memory of Madeline, Barnabas, and Sergio kept on. Alayna never changed her Instagram handle in honor of the OG Neapolitans that started the funny lines.

And, the trend was very much alive, too!

I’ll leave you with a compilation of the best, most hilarious pics of the Neapolitan gang. I’m sure you’ll enjoy every cheesy punchline. 

1. They Were Besties

dogs with sign about tea

Oops, I mean bes-teas!

2. They Would Be Lost…

dogs with sign about Chewbacca

… without e-chew other.

3. And, They Made Alayna’s Life…

dog with signs and fish

… a whole lot betta!

4. These Pups Were Simply…

dog with signs about eggs

… eggcellent!

5.  And, They Knew How…

dog with two signs

… to share love!

6. I’ve Never Seen Dogs…

dogs with signs about gnoom

… that knew each other so well.

7. Seeing Them Together…

two dogs with sings about engaging

… sure had a nice ring to it.

8. What Can I Say?

dogs with sings about archeology

They really seemed like they dug each other a lot.

9. Okay, Sometimes, Yes… Their Jokes…

dogs with cute quotes on sings

… were super corny and cheesy!

10. But, Cheesiness Didn’t Stop Them…

dogs with vegetables on sings

… from being inseparable.

11. They Really Made Each Other…

dogs with bone on sign

… better dogs.

12. After All…

dogs with apple on a sign

… they were each other’s happily ever after.

13. Okay, I Gotta Admit…

dogs with gator on a sign

… I want such dogs on my most wanted list.

14. Life Definitely Wouldn’t Be The Same…

dogs with signs about fretzels

… without the OG Neapolitan gang.

15. Because These Dogs…

dogs with signs about milk

… were legendary!

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