Woman Rescues Two Strays That Couldn’t Stand Being Apart

Woman Rescues Two Strays That Couldn’t Stand Being Apart

“Two friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.” 

Well, these two stray dogs showed everyone they could never stay apart.

Back on the streets, where life is ruff and you never know what’s gonna hit you, all these two dogs had was each other.

They were hanging out in one street corner, clearly waiting for something…

… Or someone.

The black and white dogs knew it from the beginning:

They can rely only on each other. 

When the neighborhood got alarmed about two dogs not leaving their street, obviously in some kind of trouble, they knew something had to happen fast.

For five days, the good people of this street were leaving food and water, and the poor pups were not leaving each other.

All until one woman showed up…

You’re Not Going Anywhere Without Me

two stray dogs standing on the lawn

Suzette Hall, the founder of the non-profit rescue organization, Logan’s Legacy, founded in honor of her late son, Logan, is an animal activist like you’ve never seen before.

When life hit her very hard and took away her precious child, Suzette decided to dedicate her life to saving those that need help the most: abandoned, lost, and betrayed dogs. 

Ever since the organization was founded, Suzette has been an inspiration. She goes so far when it comes to rescuing dogs that she sometimes even sleeps in her car.

No dog gets left behind.

And, she surely wasn’t going to leave behind those two pups sticking together in that street corner!

“The neighbors told me that they would literally lay on top of each other at night to sleep,” told Suzette.

She felt in her heart that her dear Logan was telling her to rescue those unfortunate creatures.

Although Suzette suspected that the dogs would still be there after a few days, she was pleasantly surprised when she pulled up. She knew those pups would be saved within a few hours of hard work.

Using delicious snacks as bait, Hall quickly caught one of the pups in a humane trap.

black dog in the cage

But, getting her BFF wasn’t that easy. 

Both dogs were too frightened to fully believe humans, yet still, the first dog was too hungry to control his instincts.

Two hours after trapping the first dog, the other one finally gave in. Hall placed him in a crate, and then placed that crate in a humane trap. The first pup lured her BFF into the trap all because they weren’t ready to be separated in any way.

white dog in the cage

Hall tried transporting the pups in her car in two separate crates, but she soon realized that wouldn’t be possible.

“They were trying to get to each other,” Hall said. “I could just tell that they needed each other.”

The only natural thing left to do was take the pups out of their crates and let them sit together.

“You can’t even imagine the wagging of the tails when I was getting them out,” Hall said. “They couldn’t get to each other fast enough.”

two dogs playing

The two pups got named Pasta and Pepsi. It was clear to Suzette that this duo should never be separated again. No one knows where they came from. Maybe they were in the same household? Maybe they were pups from the same street?

Or, maybe they bumped into each other and decided it was fate that brought them together.

In their darkest moments, Pepsi and Pasta only had each other’s support. And, that’s something that wasn’t going to change, despite them leaving the street corner they were hanging out on.

Since they both were diagnosed with some medical conditions, Pepsi and Pasta were designated to stay at the vet’s office until they got better. After their rehab and recovery, they should be off to foster care, and eventually, adoption.

Suzette insisted that Pepsi and Pasta don’t get separated no matter what. They MUST be adopted together; otherwise, their little hearts would shatter into pieces.

Despite some negative statistics, California is still the State with the biggest pet saves. Pepsi and Pasta had so much luck to be found by Suzette Hall. If it wasn’t for this brave woman, these poor pups would still be waiting on the street corner for their family to come back for them.

I hope this story gives you a good example that you should NEVER consider abandoning your pet. Follow Suzette’s example instead. She’s the kind of person everyone should look up to.

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