The Dog With The Moon In Her Eyes Is The Most Magical Thing Ever

The Dog With The Moon In Her Eyes Is The Most Magical Thing Ever

I’m Luna, the mongrel.

But, that’s not the only thing that describes me. 

I’m also Luna, the pretty girl, Luna, the sporty pooch, Luna, the actress, and so on.

And, I’m also Luna, the dog with the moon in her eyes.

You’re probably wondering how the moon can fit into such tiny doggy eyes. To my owner, the entire world fits in these eyes, so why shouldn’t the moon, too?

I was born special. 

I was born with the most magical, celestial eyes, and now it’s time for the Internet to see my beauty.

When You Look Into My Magical Eyes

My hooman mommy always told me I was her special girl… her pride and joy. But, then, one day, I heard her explaining to someone I have heterochromia. 

I was like: What’s that?

So, as soon as she went outside, I sat down and Googled heterochromia on her PC. Needless to say I was shocked! My gorgeous moony eyes are a result of a condition? I’m not the only pup in the world having these beauties?

My heart sank.

I learned that day that my eyes are a product of sectoral heterochromia iridum. 

My right eye is completely light blue, as with any other blue-eyed fur baby. But, my left eye is a magical combo of light blue and brown, like two irises were put together into one!

close-up photo of the black dog with blue eyes

See, it’s like there’s a tiny moon stuck in my eye! 

This condition didn’t only affect my eyes. My coat is special, too!

I’m a merle puppy and I have a straight line right down my face that divides it into a dark brown, almost blackish part, and the lighter merle part. 

The only thing that’s not divided with me is my personality. I’m such a good girl! Way much better and way more special than my kitty sister, Cherry.

This is us, btw. 

dog and a cat looking through glass door

I’m obviously the prettier one. 

Thanks to my wonderful appearance, my hooman mommy turned her photography passion into a profession: she now posts incredible photos on Instagram. 

Well, of course, they’re incredible because I’m featured on almost all of them!

Sometimes, I’m a quirky diva dog and I pose like a supermodel.

dog wearing a colorful cover standing in the snow

Sometimes, I like to play dress-up and transform into mythical creatures because, you know, I’m also mythically magical!

dog named luna wearing horns for halloween

But, most of the time, I’m just a normal pooch…

dog luna sitting and looking up

… with the most beautiful eyes, ever!

That’s a fact, don’t try to deny it.

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