Dog Makes Her Family Buy Her The Same Exact Toy For The Sweetest Reason

Dog Makes Her Family Buy Her The Same Exact Toy For The Sweetest Reason

A small dog named Doris has already spent years together with her new family. Throughout this time, her family realized that even though she was small, she had strong opinions.

One of those opinions regards the toys she plays with.

Favorite Toy

dog sitting down

When Doris first arrived at her new forever home, her family not only greeted her with love, but also with a cute squeaky bone.

Doris immediately fell in love with the bone, declaring it as her favorite toy ever.

dog named doris holding green toy in her mouth

When she was visiting a grocery store with her mom one day, Doris spotted the same exact bone sitting on one of the shelves.

She quickly went over to pick it up, telling her mom that she had to have it. Her mom, adoring her little pup so much, decided to get her the same toy twice.

Little did she know that this would turn into a regular thing.

Her family quickly realized that the toy probably reminded Doris of the day she was adopted, making her feel safe and comfortable.

With that in mind, they just couldn’t tell her no.

Determined Pup

Even though her mom, Julie Watson, buys her the exact same toy every week or so, it simply isn’t enough for Doris.

Whenever they go on their daily walks, Doris tries to pull her mom in the direction of the grocery store, trying to get another one.

“She has around 25 of these toys … but there would definitely be more if we allowed it,” said Julie.

dog doris lying next to her colorful toys

In Doris’s defense, she does play with every single one of her squeaky bones. She actually refuses to play with anything else.

We’ll try to play fetch with her in the house with another toy, but she always resorts back to her favorite squeaky, bacon-scented bone.

I’m sure that Doris loves her family as much as she loves her toys – after all, the toy reminds her of the best day ever; the day she became theirs.

Because of this, it is safe to say she will continue asking for them!

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