Dog With Disabilities Is Saved From Euthanization And Is Very Grateful To His New Owner

Dog With Disabilities Is Saved From Euthanization And Is Very Grateful To His New Owner

Dogs with disabilities usually get a bad reputation for some reason. While it is true that their life is made a lot harder because of it, all of them are still amazing and have a lot of love to give.

I believe that all of them deserve a chance to live in an amazing home with a family that will love and care for them.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was missing a part of his brain and was almost euthanized because of his condition.

Happiest Dog In The World

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When looking to adopt a dog, a woman named Jennifer Osborne came across an unusual dog in her local pet store in Ohio.

When she approached him, it seemed like he had some sort of disability, so she asked around about him.

The people working there told her that he was like that all his life and that he is missing a part of his brain.

Osborne told Metro: Moose’s nose was pushed into his skull which caused the under-bite, crooked nose, deformed skull, deformed brain and eye issues – probably when he was still in the womb.

happy dog with disabilities

She felt a connection the second she met him, and decided that she would take him to his new home.

Osborne didn’t feel like someone else should be doing this, as there was a big chance that someone would euthanize him due to his medical problems.

Moose’s Medical Problems

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She understood what it meant to adopt this dog, now named Moose. It is likely that he would suffer as a result of his issues for a long time.

He had seizures pretty frequently, and this would cause so many issues. Osborne said: They affect the body and the brain and left his whole body twitching and him foaming at the mouth.

To help realize the severity of his issues, she got an MRI for the dog at one of their clinics in Ohio, and the situation was a bit dire.

The scan revealed that his forehead and sinuses were missing and there was a cyst where his brain should be. One thing that was also important was that the dog would suffer from seizures pretty much his whole life.

Osborne was a bit shocked, but she knew that the dog deserved all the best, and that he would always be there for him.

Osborne said: He is amazing and a blessing on my life. He is the happiest dog I have ever met and I’m thankful he’s my dog.

Sad News For Moose

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For the longest time, the duo enjoyed their time together until Moose’s health took a turn for the worse in the summer of 2023.

The veterinarians tried everything they could for him, but it just wasn’t enough.

Moose passed on that day and the Osborne family was heartbroken when they lost one of their dearest members.

To all the people who followed their journey, Jennifer Osborne would post a video on instagram about Moose’s life.

While his family is struggling to deal with the loss, they know in their hearts that they provided this amazing dog the love that he deserved in the 7 years they spent together. 

Their bond is something truly special, and I am glad to see that Moose got to spend his life with such wonderful people who loved him so much.


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