Owners Surrender Their Senior Chihuahua To Shelter Because She Wanted To Sleep With Them

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Owners Surrender Their Senior Chihuahua To Shelter Because She Wanted To Sleep With Them

All stray and shelter dogs dream of the day they will finally find a family. It’s the most important moment of their lives.

Twinkle was eagerly waiting for that moment, too, but instead of receiving all the love she deserved, she experienced the biggest heartbreak of her life.

Let’s follow her journey as she discovers the meaning of true love.

Rescued From The Streets

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In June 2022, an adorable senior Chihuahua, Twinkle, was found on the streets in Miami, Florida. She was brought to True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission – a rescue that saves senior and unwanted dogs from high-kill shelters.

She was underweight, had serious dental issues, a terrible skin infection, and she hardly had any fur. She also needed surgery to remove her mammary tumors.

Luckily, her surgery was a success, and after a couple of weeks, Twinkle completely recovered and she gained weight. She was excited to start a new life.

In September 2022, the rescue shared that Twinkle was adopted. Her parents seemed amazing and everyone at the shelter thought that she would finally receive all the love she deserved.

Four months after she was adopted, her family surrendered her to the rescue. Her parents decided to give her up because she wanted to sleep with them in their bed. 

They had other senior Chihuahuas and they didn’t let them sleep in their bed either.

Devastated Twinkle

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When her parents came to the shelter to surrender her, they handed her over the fence and left. Twinkle kept looking at the fence as they walked away from her life. Her heart was broken.

“Twinkle was beyond devastated and confused. I remember walking [into] the main dog room to see she was sitting in the corner on a dog bed, closed off and shaking with fear. She looked at you with such confusion on her face and pain in her heart,” said Madison Mulvihill, social media coordinator at True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission.

Twinkle was an extremely well-behaved dog. All she ever wanted was love and cuddles, and her parents couldn’t give her that.

After they found out what had happened to Twinkle, everyone at the rescue was devastated. They loved her very much, and they were unable to understand how somebody could surrender such a loving dog like Twinkle.

“Twinkle is not only just adorable, but she has the biggest personality despite being only 3-and-a-half pounds. She loves attention and is not afraid to approach you when she wants to be loved. She is so joyful, and has the cutest little hops when she treads through the grass at the ranch,” Mulvihill added.

Her friends were determined to help her, and they made a TikTok video about her and told her story, hoping that it would help her find her forever family.

True Love

Owners with two little dogs

Twinkle won the hearts of millions and the rescue was swamped with adoption requests. Her new parents drove all the way from South Carolina to adopt her.

They are amazing, and Twinkle now has six fur siblings. She has a king-size bed, and her new parents say she can sleep with them as much as she wants.

Twinkle finally got a family that was able to love her like she deserves and show her what true love feels like.

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