Izzy, The Pawdorable Dog Mom, Welcomes An Abandoned Kitten Into Her Litter

Izzy, The Pawdorable Dog Mom, Welcomes An Abandoned Kitten Into Her Litter

Nala, a little kitten, was left all alone in a scary alley. Her luck changed when a kind soul brought her to the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, in Spokane, Washington.

This once-abandoned little kitten will soon have so much love that she won’t be able to hold it in her four little paws.

A Kitten In Need

Little kitten sleeping in owners hand

Considering that she was so young, she really did depend on a foster family in order to survive. As soon as Jamie Myers heard the news saying that this little baby needed help, she volunteered to take her in.

Jamie was already fostering a beautiful cat who had sadly lost some of her kittens, and she knew that Nala would be accepted into the little family in no time.

She was about a week and a half younger than my group, so I said, ‘My mama is pretty wonderful. She’s been very accepting so let’s see if she can’t nurse. Nala nursed straight away and Mama took her in instantly. She started licking her, grooming her, and showing her acceptance and love, said Jamie.

Cat with her kittens

Shortly after, mama cat and her kittens found their new forever home. But, since Nala was still so small, she needed to be kept in the foster system until she grew big and strong.

She did everything later than the rest of the group. When they all opened their eyes, she still had her eyes closed, and when they started toddling about, she was still latched onto Mama, nursing.

Sadly, Nala was left alone once again. However, her luck changed when Jamie took in a fluffy dog mom called Izzy, along with all of her adorable pups. Izzie’s motherly love had no boundaries so she quickly took in Nala as one of her own.

An Unusual Family

Dog with puppies and kitten

The mama dog kept trying to get Nala and pick her up and put her in with the rest of her babies. She just thought one of the babies was out and missing — she kept trying to put it back, and put it back.

Jamie decided that it was probably for the better that Izzy takes care of Nala instead of her. 

She took the chance because she was curious to see what this unusual family would look like.

She carefully supervised the interactions between Nala and all of the pups, helping in any way she could.

Izzy loved her new baby as much as she loved her pups. And, Nala sure loved this new environment she was in. When cuddling up with her new siblings, she sure couldn’t keep a smile off her face.

Many cats sleeping

It didn’t take Nala long to adjust to her new way of living. She learned how to get out of the pen all on her own, going to get herself some cat food.

Her cat curiosity would get the best of her so she would end up playing for a bit, but whenever it was naptime, she would go right back in and snuggle with her family.

With all of this love Nala had, she quickly grew up, ready for adoption.

However, Izzy didn’t take too well to this. Seeing who she considered one of her own leaving really took a toll on her. Luckily, Jamie came up with the purrfect plan.

She took in two sister kittens who were in need of some good love and attention, and Izzy was perfect for the job. She couldn’t have been happier. She and her new kitten babies can’t get enough of each other.

Dog with two kittens

Final Word

Nala not only grew up big and strong, thanks to her dog mom, Izzy, whose love knew no boundaries, but she also reminded us that the lifelong feud between cats and dogs is nothing but a hoax.

Thank you, Jamie, for your clever ideas and your dedication to save every little paw in need.

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