A Stray Dog Is Found And Rescued From The Top Of A Mountain

A Stray Dog Is Found And Rescued From The Top Of A Mountain

If there is one thing that always baffles me, it’s how so many stray dogs end up in such weird and remote locations.

A lot of them will travel for miles and hours only to end up in the most unusual place and settle there for some reason until someone eventually rescues them.

In this story, we will talk about a very friendly dog who was living on the top of a mountain by himself.

Unusual Surprise In The Mountains

dog on the road

Just as she was driving home through a mountain road in Northern California, local animal rescuer, Jenna Rezzonico, thought she saw a dog in the middle of the road.

She had to look closer, and it really was a dog that was just standing there. Rezzonico, who runs Rezzi Rescue, stopped her car and decided to help him. Another person also stopped their vehicle to help her.

The two of them led the dog away from the road and to their cars where it was safer to wait for help to arrive.

The woman then gave him some food and he just gobbled it up in a moment, showing just how hungry he was.

beautiful dog on the road

Rezzonico told The Dodo: He was super hungry. I could tell his collar had just been taken off because you could see the imprint of it.

The duo noticed that he didn’t seem afraid at all, and was just so affectionate to them. Rezzonico continued by saying: He is a very sweet dog. He also seemed a bit skittish, maybe because of his previous owner.

The Help Has Arrived

dog laying on his back on the floor with his front legs stretched out, looking at the camera

A few minutes after the Animal Control officers arrived, they took a look at the dog, now named Marley, and came to the conclusion that he had been abandoned on purpose.

However, the Good Samaritan who had helped Rezzonico had a friend who was currently looking to adopt a dog.

This was immediate good news as it meant that his future was pretty much secure right away.

The officers took Marley to a veterinarian in Northern California where he had to be checked and treated for anything he could have picked up during his time in the mountains.

Luckily, for him, he had no serious issues and received a clean bill of health almost immediately afterward.

man with two dogs outdoor

This meant that the Good Samaritan’s friend who was interested in Marley could now visit him and decide if he wanted him.

Their encounter was pretty much what you would expect. The man immediately saw how happy and affectionate Marley was, and decided that he was the one for him.

Now, he gets to spend time in his forever home with a new family and a dog sibling who all give him lots of love and attention.

Objavu dijeli Rezzi Animal Rescue (@rezzirescue)


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