Woman Shocked To Learn Her Senior Dad Is A Dog Whisperer

Woman Shocked To Learn Her Senior Dad Is A Dog Whisperer

One of the more common issues of getting older is the inability to stay on our feet over longer periods of time.

So, naturally, people like to take a nap and relax from doing a lot of hard work. It’s perfectly normal.

However, for the man in this story, naps are more than just relaxing, as he made a lot of new friends with his neighbor’s dogs who also like to rest with him.

A Nap With His Besties

Dad taking a nap with neighbors dog

Catey Hall was just going about her day as usual when she saw her dad, Watson, taking a nap with his neighbor’s dogs.

This would become more frequent, as Hall said to The Dodo: Dad sees, plays with, and naps with one or more of these dogs on a daily basis. They come running when they see his car, and follow him inside.

She said that her dad has always loved dogs, and also works with a local rescue shelter, called Pound on the Hill.

She continued by saying: For as long as I can remember, my dad has rescued stray dogs. Growing up, we always had a dog. But, there was always room for a stray in need. 

Now that he lives alone with his wife, there’s room for several. They work with rescues in the area to find homes for the dogs in need; however, not all of them are re-homed, and they stay with dad forever.

Watson, The Dog Whisperer

Watson with his foster dogs on a deck

Currently, he is sheltering four dogs, but the neighbor’s dogs, Hooch, Fluffer-Nutter, And Rosie all love Watson and like to spend time with him whenever they can.

Because they live in a semi-rural part of Alabama, the design of the streets is such that the houses are not far from each other and are built further from the road, making it safe for the dogs when moving around.

So, when they see Watson outside, they just immediately rush to his side for treats, playtime, and some much needed napping.

What about the neighbors? Do they have anything to say about their dogs spending so much time with Watson?

Well, they don’t mind it in the slightest and would never even think to interrupt their naps.

Hall exclaimed that he is so good with the dogs that sometimes, even her dogs are not immune to her dad’s charming persona. 

She said: As a matter of fact, they try to leave with Dad when he’s here visiting.

Watson napping on the couch with golden retriever

It’s honestly amazing to see older people who give so much affection and attention to our furry friends, and do anything they can to help them.

Their bond is truly something beautiful, and it should set an example for all of us as to how to be better with our dogs.

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