Woman Discovers Two Puppies Stuck Inside A Trash Can At The Gas Station

Woman Discovers Two Puppies Stuck Inside A Trash Can At The Gas Station

Usually, when you encounter abandoned dogs, they are typically living somewhere on a remote part of a street, or else they have some kind of box where they sleep.

This is usually because they want to isolate themselves from humans who can be potentially abusive to them.

Normally, you don’t expect to see a dog relaxing in an odd place, but the dogs in this story take that word to the extreme.

Puppies In A Trash Can

puppy in a black trash can

After a long day of work, Brittany Wolfe was on her way home and stopped at her local gas station in South Florida for a few minutes.

She exited her car and noticed something strange at the trash can that was just sitting there. Wolfe got a closer look and found two puppies inside. She was absolutely horrified by what she saw.

Her husband would probably not have believed her, so she recorded the whole event and took the dogs in her car, so she could help them.

woman in the car with two puppies

It was apparent to Wolfe that the poor dogs had been eating stuff that was in the trash and it made them sick.

One of the dogs vomited in the car, but Wolfe didn’t mind, and she was hurrying home, so she could give them some proper food.

A Positive Update

photo of a little girl in the yard with puppies

After getting home, the puppies enjoyed a very big meal, and it was pretty apparent to Wolfe that they hadn’t eaten that good in a while.

She soon learned that one puppy was a boy and the other puppy was a girl. 

Realizing that she had to do something about the dogs because they couldn’t stay with her, Wolfe decided to foster them at least until she could find a family for them.

Some time had passed and Wolfe had an important update to share. She found homes for the puppies. The female dog was taken in by one of her daughter’s friends.

The male dog was adopted by her own friend, but had to be relocated because he didn’t get along with the other people in the house. But, South Florida is big, so he did manage to find a new home pretty quickly.

Despite that, the family made sure that they both found a new family and a forever home, which they desperately needed after everything they’d been through.

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