Woman Accidentally Finds Abandoned Puppies In A Wicker Box

Woman Accidentally Finds Abandoned Puppies In A Wicker Box

If you have had the chance to save an abandoned puppy at some point – then you know how wonderful of a feeling it is! And yet – there’s something so sorrowful about seeing a doggo without a family to call his own.

Those exact mixed feelings hit Madison Carlstrom, from Breckenridge, Texas, the other day when she spotted a strange wicker box near her house.

She was on a regular walk with her baby daughter and her dog, Diesel, when she realized that the box that someone dumped under a tree was actually moving… and when she came a little closer – she found out why!

Four Puppies Waiting For Someone To Help Them

puppies in a basket

When she leaned over the box, Madison discovered the most beautiful surprise of all inside the box – four wiggly, tail-wagging puppies!

She couldn’t believe that someone would actually dump these beauties in the middle of nowhere. It was over 105 degrees Fahrenheit that day, and they would definitely not have survived if she hadn’t come across them!

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Despite the fact that the puppies had only a bowl of water outside the box that they couldn’t even reach properly – they were still happy when Madison approached them. It was as if they were telling her: “Thank you for saving our lives, hooman!”

And, boi was she happy, too! Madison has been an ex shelter volunteer, and she knew exactly what to do!

abandoned puppies in basket

“I took them in, fed and watered them and showed them not all humans are cruel. They are now safe with an incredible dog rescue on their way to forever homes,” Madison wrote in her Facebook post.

Enzo Was The Tiniest One – And The Most Fragile

tiny puppy on a table

Of all the puppies, Enzo was the most fragile one. He had a broken tail and was the tiniest of his siblings, but that didn’t stop Madison’s baby girl from immediately falling in love with him!

There was this instant connection between them that made Madison keep Enzo a little while longer!

cute puppies on the pink blanket

The other three puppies were safely transferred to Second Chance Farm rescue, where they were successfully taken care of and prepared for a new home.

Growing Into A Beautiful Boi In His New Home

woman holding tiny puppy (2)

Even though she wasn’t sure at the beginning – something deep inside told Madison to adopt Enzo for good! He was such a sweet little puppy who got along with everyone in the family right off the bat! 

Madison’s daughter loved him very much, and Diesel, Madison’s other dog who was saved from a road in Kentucky ten years ago, didn’t mind having a little brother of his own!

little puppy outdoor in a sunlight

The pawtastic family now lives their best life in Breckenridge, Texas, enjoying the country and their endless adventures together!

“Enzo is doing great! He loves walks and is suchh a happy boy”, says Madison.

Madison is so happy to welcome another member of the family, and Enzo knows it! For the first time ever – he finally knows what it means to be loved by someone! And, we just know that he’ll have the best life possible around his new family!

You can keep up with Enzo’s adventures on Madison’s TikTok!

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