Unseen Agony: A Heart-Wrenching Tale of a Lonely Dog Trapped in the Street

Dogs are known for their remarkable resilience and toughness, as demonstrated by Hope, a young puppy who was discovered in Gurgaon, India with her internal organs protruding. Fortunately, Deepika Srivastavva came to her rescue and saved her life.

WARNING: Sensitive Content!

When Hope was found, she was only 20 days old and was crying uncontrollably while writhing in pain. It is believed that she was separated from her mother and left with other stray dogs who, due to their territorial behavior, attacked her and left her for dead. However, she was found in time and underwent surgery to re-implant her stomach.

Despite her difficult start to life, Hope, now four to five months old, is thriving and living up to her name. Unfortunately, due to her past, no one in India was willing to adopt her, so Stray Dog was contacted for help. While Hope was already rescued before they were involved, they have taken responsibility for her care until they can find her a permanent home.

Although Hope appears to be in good physical health, her spay surgery had to be postponed due to her traumatic experience. Nonetheless, Stray Dog is committed to taking care of her until she finds a loving home.

Watch the inspiring story of Hope in the video below!

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