This Pup’s Reaction During The Fall Photoshoot Will Melt Your Heart

This Pup’s Reaction During The Fall Photoshoot Will Melt Your Heart

Just when you think you’ve seen it all – a pawdorable doggo pops up somewhere to make your day!

Ladies and gentlemen, this time, we present you the fabulous pooch named Knut!

He may not be the most famous pooch on social media, but he’s definitely one of the cutest! Together with his sister, Pauli, he melts hearts on a daily basis all over the world!

Knut is not just all lovey-dovey by the way he looks, but by the way he embraces everyone around him! Still, his relationship with his tiny little sister, Pauli, is something that he’ll definitely be remembered for!

Knut And Pauli – The Cutest Duo You’ll Ever See

two puppies sitting wrapped in a white blanket

Antonia, the proud owner of this gorgeous furball, prepared Knut and her mom’s dog, Pauli, for a photoshoot. She wrapped Knut in a white blanket on a cold, autumn day, and decided to take a photo of him and his sister together, but then – Knut surprised her to the bone!

tiny dog wrapped his paw around other dog

This tiny Pom mix put his little paws around his Dachie sister and gave her the cutest hug ever! He even leaned his head on her’s, just like a real hooman hugging his loved one.

The video of these two hugging doggos went viral in no time, causing heart-warming reactions from all over the world!

two dogs sitting in a chair

From that moment on – Knut’s hugs became an everyday thing! He hugs his sister whenever he can, despite the circumstances.

photo of two dogs sitting in grass

They’re just the cutest siblings ever!

Sharing Everything Together

A post shared by @knutini_

While hugging is probably Knut’s biggest specialty, that’s not everything he does with such charm! He makes sure Pauli always gets the exact same portion of food as he does.

Even though she’s three months older than him, he sometimes behaves like she’s his younger sister that he needs to take care of.

But, don’t let those cute, innocent faces mislead you – these two are the biggest goofballs when put together in the field! While Knut is a pretty calm pooch when he’s alone, his sister truly brings his goofy side out whenever they play together!

“While Knut is the sweetest, most well behaved boy when he’s alone, it’s like ‘The Purge’ whenever these two are together. But I‘m still very happy they got each other,” wrote Antonia.

Knut’s A Fashionable City Boi

photo of dog named knut in the street

Other than his sweet little gestures – Knut adores spending time with his mom! He’s a fashionable city pooch used to dressing up in adorable outfits. And, yes – he just pulls them off!

dog knut in a pumpkin

Antonia can’t be happier to have a lifetime friend in this little fellow… and the fact that Knut is a rescue makes their relationship even more special!

“There are so many moments every day that I look at him and feel soo much love. Adopting him has really been one of the best decisions I have ever made,” she says.

baby sitting on the street with knut

Enjoying Their Pawfect Little Lives

A post shared by @knutini_

Knut and Pauli are so happy to have each other in this world. They’re still building towards their prime, but there’s no doubt that their relationship will continue to grow!

“I‘m very happy they had each other growing up and they still behave like puppies whenever they are together. I’m already excited to see how their relationship will change and develop as they get older,” says Antonia.

photo of dog knut and his owner antonia holding him


And, as for the relationship between Antonia and her little prince – we just know that it’s gonna be a beautiful journey filled with love, laughter, and many adventures together!


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