Teeny-Tiny Stray Pup Is Unrecognizable After He Undergoes An Emergency Makeover

Teeny-Tiny Stray Pup Is Unrecognizable After He Undergoes An Emergency Makeover

Stray dogs live a lonely life, spending their days roaming the streets in search of food. Without allowing themselves to dream of having a loving home, they focus on their fight to survive.

All they want is to finally be seen by humans, who often pass them on the street.

Every day represents new hope that a kind person will notice them and help them in any way they can.

It breaks my heart to see that many stray pups endure pain as they wait to get the help they need.

Crunchy was one of those strays who was in need of immediate help. His fur was severely matted and his feet hurt. Although he felt exhausted, his heart still glimmered with hope that his luck would change soon.

Hoping To Get The Help He Needs

neglected dog

Crunchy was wandering the streets of St. Louis, feeling pain with every step he took. His fur was matted so badly that he could hardly see where he was going.

Luckily, Stray Rescue of St. Louis saved him from the streets and took him in. As soon as he arrived at the rescue, it became clear that he was an emergency case.

The tiny pup was sedated right away, so that he wouldn’t feel any pain, and his vet, Ashley, shaved 10 pounds of his matted fur.

“He was very scared when he first woke up after being sedated and shaved and cleaned. He would snap and hide — but he enjoyed being tucked in,” said Natalie Thompson, the director of marketing at the rescue.

An Amazing Transformation

dog gets a cut

His caregivers were amazed with his transformation, and their hearts melted after they saw Crunchy’s adorable eyes that were hidden underneath all that fur.

The exhausted pooch needed a lot of care and attention to make a complete recovery. His paws were badly matted and they were still raw, causing him pain.

After having his fur shaved, Crunchy needed some time to get used to the new feeling. He loved wearing a sweater, and it made him feel comfortable.

tired dog laying in clothes

Crunchy’s caregivers spoke to him in a tender manner, and gently stroked him, letting him know that he was now safe and loved.

Gradually, the sweet dog started to relax, and soon, he enjoyed the company of his new shelter friends. He was grateful for all the care and love they selflessly gave him.

Crunchy let go of his fear and his adorable personality started to shine through. He turned into a lovebug. The adorable pup relished lying comfortably in his friends’ laps and getting many cuddles.

Ever since his photo was posted on the rescue’s Facebook page, Crunchy has stolen many hearts. The shelter staff knew that he wouldn’t wait long to find his forever home.

Starting A New Life With His Family

dog playing with his toys

As soon as he completely recovered, his forever family came to meet him at the rescue in St. Louis.

From the first moment they saw Crunchy, he captured their hearts. The little pup was delighted when he realized that he was about to start a new life with his family.

His family adore him and they can’t picture their life without him.

I’m thrilled to witness his happiness, and to know that from now on, Crunchy will always be endlessly loved and cared for.

With the help of good humans, Crunchy succeeded in turning his life around. All the people involved in his rescue and in his recovery are his heroes.

We can be someone’s hero, too. Whenever you see stray dogs roaming the streets, lend them a helping hand and contact the local rescue or the shelter.

One call can change their lives forever and enable them to get the loving home they’re craving for.

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