Stray GSD Scared Of Humans Finally Allows His Rescuers To Save Him

Stray GSD Scared Of Humans Finally Allows His Rescuers To Save Him

Every stray dog is worth saving, even those pooches that show immense resistance towards humans.

Most of these doggos have been through tough times, which made them lose faith in humanity.

But, persistence usually pays off, as these doggies manage to open their heart and love hoomans again, especially those who save them from inhumane conditions.

The One Left At The Dump

german shepehrd abandoned at a landfill

Hope For Paws got a call about three dogs abandoned at a landfill in Mojave, California, and two of the volunteers, Katie McKittrick and JoAnn Wiltz, immediately responded. It took them two hours to get to the landfill.

However, when they got to the place, they couldn’t find three pups, as written in the email, but one… a German Shepherd. According to workers, someone already took the two doggos, but they couldn’t approach the GSD.

As the conversation continued, the rescuers found out that the third pooch had been at the landfill for more than a year.

The GSD finally appeared after a half an hour of searching, but he was petrified of humans and didn’t want to come near the volunteers.

a trap set up for a stray german shepherd

That’s when McKittrick and Wiltz decided to change their method and set up a trap for the Sheppie.

They brought the kennel and placed it under the trailer where they spotted the dog. The pooch slowly approached the kennel and eventually got himself caught in it.

The rescuers immediately went there to make the first contact, after which they picked up the cage and put it into their truck.

Andrew, The Rough Diamond

That’s when they realized that the pup they got was actually a male dog, although they first thought it was a girl. They found the name ‘Andrew’ fitting for this pretty boy.

After the vet examination, the volunteers faced another challenge – getting Andrew used to the leash. Although he didn’t attack them, the German Sheppie did not like the leash at all, and he completely froze when they put it on him.

Andrew the GSD disliking the leash

It was difficult to make him walk at first, but he at least wasn’t afraid of cuddles and hugs.

Being in a landfill for so long took its toll, and the pup needed a long and warm bath to get rid of all the dirt that accumulated on his fur.

Although he still looked a bit scared, it was obvious that he really enjoyed the bath, as well as the cuddles he received from the staff at the rescue.

andrew getting a bath

The City Of Angels As Foster Home

According to the staff from Hope For Paws, Andrew was fostered by the LA Animal Rescue. After seeing his story, the staff from the rescue was yearning to offer love and care to the poor doggo.

They also made a promise that they would teach Andrew to trust people again and find a hooman he deserves.

After a month, LA Animal Rescue sent an update, from which it can be seen that Andrew is enjoying his life to the fullest.

Andrew enjoying his new life

The change he has been through is amazing, and he looks nothing like the dog from the beginning of the story.

This pooch is now happy, full of life, and can’t wait to find the perfect family. He even made some new friends in the park – one of which is Ziggy, a cute pooch also looking for a forever home.

You can watch the video on the link below:

Traumatized German Shepherd Finally Learns What Love Feels Like


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