Sleepy Dog Uses Other Dogs At Daycare As His Headrest 

Sleepy Dog Uses Other Dogs At Daycare As His Headrest 

When I think of a doggy daycare, I see images of pups running around and playing with each other, but I guess Linkin has a different definition of a doggy daycare than I.

Instead of chasing balls or engaging in playful antics, Linkin has earned a reputation as the resident nap aficionado at his local daycare.

This pup has managed to turn the bustling daycare into his very own relaxation haven by using his fellow four-legged friends as his own personal headrest.

The King Of Cuddles

a sleepy dog leans against another dog and sleeps

Linkin is a two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback pup that attends Urban Canine doggy daycare.

Usually, dogs spend their day at Urban Canine running around and playing with each other, but Linkin is a bit different.

Everyone at the daycare knows him as “The King of Cuddles” because as soon as he walks through the door, he immediately looks for someone to cuddle with.

There is no pup at this daycare that Linkin hasn’t used as his personal headrest.

The usual target, and his favorite snuggling buddy, is his sister, Luna. In his desire to be as close as possible to her, Linkin doesn’t just use her as his headrest, but sometimes, he even fully sits on her.

a sleepy dog sits on another dog

Anyone who grew up with brothers knows pretty well that this is completely normal sibling behavior.

But, Luna is not the only dog Linkin likes to cuddle with.

He loves to sleep on his furry friends so much that the daycare has started weekly episodes of “Linkins Cuddle of the Week” to show their followers who Linkin was using as a cuddle buddy that week.

This is Eli.

dogs in kindergarten

This is Wilma. She loved sleeping with Linkin, and this time, she used him as her pillow.

the dogs lie leaning on each other

Scotia was a very comfortable and furry pillow.

brown dog leaning on white dog while sleeping

And, this is Aria ❤️

the dog is sleeping while the other is leaning on him

Linkin might be a large dog, but that doesn’t stop him from finding the perfect headrest (small or large), burying his head into it and peacefully falling asleep.

“Lion hunter defines his breed, but he’s definitely a lamb at heart!,” Urban Canine wrote on their Facebook, and I think this is the most perfect description of Linkin ever.

He doesn’t discriminate with his cuddles, so even the chair and the daycare workers get to cuddle with him. For the end, take a look at this adorable video shared by the daycare, which will melt your heart.

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