Rescuers Shocked When They Found Out Extremely Skinny Dog’s Secret

Rescuers Shocked When They Found Out Extremely Skinny Dog’s Secret

When an abandoned dog, called Lollie, was discovered seeking shelter in a shed, she was in pretty rough shape.

She was really dehydrated and extremely malnourished. She was skinny to the point that her bones were showing, which shouldn’t be the case for any dog, especially not one in her condition.

Big Secret

Skinny dog standing

Also hiding inside of the shed were 8 baby pups to which Lollie had given birth.

Considering her condition, she wasn’t able to care for her pups. Luckily, the rescuers with the RSPCA Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home came to her aid.

They took all 9 dogs in and made sure that they were not only comfortable, but also getting all the medical attention they needed.

dog laying on sheet

Road To Recovery 

Lollie was so happy that she and her babies were finally somewhere safe.

She relaxed for the first time in a long time, knowing her babies were now in good hands and would be taken care of.

“Despite her state, she did her very best to take care of her eight puppies and, thankfully, they’re all now doing well. She can now rest easy and concentrate on getting better while we help with the busy and growing puppies,” said Jane Ellis, a staff member at the RSPCA Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home.

two newborn pupps

The pups are very happy in their new environment, and they are growing big, strong, and healthy with each passing day.

Their rescuers decided to name them Calippo, Vimto, Jerry, Chupa, Ben, Whippy, Zap, and Rocket.

As they are growing, so is their mom. Lollie is getting healthier, as the rescuers are making sure to get her to a healthy weight again.

Lollie is on a special feeding program to help her gain weight and build her muscle. The whole family is doing well.

New Life

Being so adorable, it only took 10 weeks for all of the dogs to find their forever home.

The strong mother didn’t want to leave her puppies behind, so she waited until all of them were adopted before she went to her own forever home.“Lollie is the easiest dog, loves an outing, curling up on the sofa with us, and of course, her walks,” said Elizabeth, Lollie’s new mom.

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