“Puppy Rescued from Abandonment and Cruelty Thrives in Loving Home”

In Ontario, California, a helpless puppy was discovered abandoned at a tender age of two weeks, enduring the pain of having its tail cruelly tied in a knot. However, this heartbreaking story took a positive turn as the puppy was rescued, receiving the care it desperately needed. Now, six years later, the puppy, named Opie, is living a joyous life with his new family.

Jill Ferris, Opie’s owner, shared with Newsweek that when they found him, he was gravely ill due to a severe infection resulting from the twisted tail. It appeared that someone had attempted to dock the puppy’s tail by tying it in a knot, a practice associated with certain dog breeds, though controversial.

Traditionally, puppies have their tails docked within their first few days of life through surgery or the use of constricting bands. However, this procedure comes with risks such as pain, excessive bleeding, and infection. Moreover, there is limited evidence supporting any benefits for dogs from having their tails docked. In recent times, more people have embraced the natural appearance of their pets, leading to a decline in tail docking.

Opie, a mix of bully and pit bull breeds, was swiftly taken to the Ontario Veterinary Hospital, where dedicated veterinarians worked tirelessly to nurse him back to health. Ferris explained that the medical team performed a life-saving surgery to remove his damaged tail and save his life.

After three weeks of intensive care and recovery, the veterinarians began searching for a loving home for Opie, and that’s when Dr. Wright, a veterinarian at the hospital, shared his story with friends and family.

Ferris reluctantly admitted that her husband, Ron, and daughter Sydney went to the hospital with the intention of merely looking at the puppy. However, they couldn’t resist the bond that formed between them and Opie, ultimately deciding to bring him home. Despite her initial hesitations, Ferris soon grew fond of Opie, becoming fiercely protective of him.

She expressed deep sorrow for his tragic start in life and cared for him as if he were one of their own children. Opie has become their cherished and adored four-legged family member for the past six years, and Ferris proudly attests to his extraordinary nature.

The Ferris family now resides in Chino, California, where Opie revels in the warmth of the sunshine. His favorite pastimes include basking in the morning sun and playing in his kiddie pool on scorching days. During colder times, Opie delights in snuggling up with Ferris, often stealing her electric throw for added warmth. Despite the hardships he endured, Opie possesses an abundance of love and gets along wonderfully with their terrier dog, Scarlett, and cat, Finn.

Ferris fondly described Opie’s particular taste in food, mentioning that he is quite selective. His absolute favorite indulgence is string cheese, but it must be a specific brand and served in stringy form without any large chunks.

Additionally, Opie exhibits uncontrollable excitement for a Flying Dutchman treat from In-N-Out Burger. Ferris playfully admitted that she never visits the restaurant without getting at least two for her beloved companion.

Opie’s story is a testament to resilience and the transformative power of love and care. Despite a heartbreaking start, he has found solace and happiness in the arms of a compassionate family who adore him unconditionally. Opie, once abandoned and suffering, now thrives as a cherished member of his forever home.

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