Picasso, The Smallest Pitbull, Proves They’re The Sweetest Breed Ever

Picasso, The Smallest Pitbull, Proves They’re The Sweetest Breed Ever

A woman looking to foster a Pit Bull in need decided to go to an adoption event in New York City, thinking that’s the best place to start. And, it sure was!

She had a day to dream of, looking at and petting dogs of all breeds and sizes, until one particular boy caught her eye and she knew that he was the one.

Here is the story of Picasso, the tiniest pit bull in the world.

A New Beginning

cute pit bull in the arms of a woman

The woman, asking to adopt the puppy, soon found out that this wasn’t a puppy at all. This was a full-grown adult Pit Bull who was in perfect health. Shocked by this discovery, she thought that this made the adorable dog even cuter.

After making the adoption, she made her way to the foster mom, excited to show her this unique pup! The foster mom also had a hard time believing that this wasn’t a full-grown dog, but that did not stop her from falling in love with him.

Having to sneak him into her apartment since the building didn’t really allow this breed, the foster mom began their new life together. Unfortunately, Picasso looked frail and exhausted so her first mission was to help him gain some weight, putting him on a high-protein diet.

Picasso was so small. He was smaller than our lamp, our mixer, our cutting board, a coffee table book, and even a roll of kitchen paper.

the woman is holding the smallest pit bull in her hands

At first, he was shy and skittish, and needed some time to adjust to his new life. However, being around all this love and attention made him adapt in no time! He started getting curious, exploring everything he saw and playing with everything he got his paws on.

A Few Obstacles

His mom loved him so much that she decided to bring him to the office and show him off to her co-workers.

Many were blown away by this unique pup, but some were a bit hesitant.

I’m kind of nervous. I heard that they lock their jaws when they bite, said one of her co-workers.

The foster mom had a new mission on her hands: show everybody that this breed is not violent as they were made to believe!

Luckily, this wasn’t a very hard thing to do since she had such an adorable assistant. He effortlessly won over the heart of anyone who was near him. He even got that one co-worker who was afraid of him to have a little cuddle with him.

a man caresses the smallest pit bull lying on his pillow

After the office, they went to the dog park where they were faced with another obstacle.

Since there were two parts of the park, one for the big dogs and one for the smaller ones, his mom didn’t really know where to take him.

In theory, he was fit for the small one, but he did give off big-dog energy so it was only fair to take him to the big dog park.

It didn’t take his mom too long to be reminded yet again that Pit Bulls don’t really have a good reputation in the dog world. After receiving some rude comments, she decided to go and relax with her dog somewhere else.

They waited to sit in the terrace of a restaurant, but since many think that Pit Bulls are a violent and aggressive breed, they didn’t allow her and Picasso to stay.

His foster mom was quite disappointed in seeing all of the stereotypes regarding the breed of her beloved Picasso, and she hopes that people will soon learn about how gentle they truly are.

Until then, my foster pittie and I will just continue snuggling on the couch.

the girl is holding a cute pit bull in her arms

Debunking the myth

Let’s shed some light on this misconception.

Contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls are not inherently aggressive. In fact, aggression isn’t even a breed-specific trait. It is the result of various factors in a dog’s upbringing such as mistreatment, lack of socialization, or poor breeding.

So, if there is a Pit Bull you know who is aggressive, there probably is a good reason why.

A Pit Bull is actually a very loyal dog, full of affection and desire to please their two-legged friend. Stating and believing that they are an aggressive breed is an unfair and unfounded stereotype.

Final Word

I hope that the story of this incredible and unique pup will serve as a reminder that you shouldn’t blindly believe everything you hear.

Picasso really did prove that being small doesn’t mean you can’t make a big change. His love and affection continue to leave a big paw print on anybody he meets, proving that his kind is nothing like they are portrayed to be.

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