Pet Dog Digs His Way to Safety After 3 Days Trapped Underground


Pet Dog Digs His Way to Safety After 3 Days Trapped Underground

A pet dog rescued himself and reunited with his owner after spending 60 hours trapped in a hole.

The lucky pooch, named Bear, managed to dig himself out of a hole in Seaton Park in Aberdeen, Scotland — escaping near-tragic circumstances, to the relief of owner Dasha Samatoina.

Samatoina, 29, who had been visiting Aberdeen from London, was “hysterical” after discovering Bear on Sunday, three days after first losing sight of him during a walk with her friend’s dog Lola in the park.

After Bear disappeared, Samatonia spent hours searching for the Cavapoo with the help of residents and firefighters. The distressed owner started worrying she would never find her pet until her fortune suddenly changed.

Events took a positive turn on Sunday after Lola led Samatoina to an area in the park where she could hear the familiar sounds of Bear’s voice.

Realizing her dog was trapped, Samatoina called out Bear’s name until he eventually dug out of the hole he’d fallen into.

“[Lola] led us to one of the holes on a site we had not properly looked at, and she was very persistent to go down the hole,” Samatoina told BBC.

“I just started screaming at it. I was hysterical and crying. The thought of him being down there in the cold and dark terrified me.”

Samatoina worried that the dog might dig himself deeper into trouble, but Bear figured it out.
“But I could feel he was digging under the ground – I was just hoping he was going the right way,” the pet parent said.

Despite suffering scratches on his nose and dehydration, the five-year-old pooch is now doing “fine” and has received a clean bill of health from his vet.

“It is amazing how strong he is to be able to dig himself out after three days with no food or water,” Samatoina said.
“The vets were shocked that he was fine,” she added.

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