Happy birthday to me, I just turned 5 years older. I would be very happy to receive many birthday wishes

Happy birthday to me

When Luna was a tiny 3-week-old kitten discovered wandering beside the road, a loving family opened their hearts and home to her, showering her with endless love and care. As Luna’s 15th birthday approached, her family wanted to commemorate this milestone by throwing her a truly extraordinary celebration.

Quinceañera is a cultural tradition and a significant coming-of-age celebration that typically marks a girl’s 15th birthday. With their deep affection and adoration for Luna, her family felt compelled to honor her with a quinceañera of her own.

cat quinceanera

“Luna is an absolute sweetheart who adores snuggling up with people and lounging on her back,” shared Angel Olavarria, Luna’s brother, with The Dodo. “We have showered her with abundant love, and she has surpassed the lifespans of all our previous pets. On her 15th birthday, we decided to surprise our little cheese ball with a quinceañera.”

cat quinceanera

The idea for Luna’s quinceañera had sparked nearly a year earlier when Olavarria’s mother conceived the notion. With careful planning, Luna’s family dedicated a week to prepare for the grand affair. The celebration would feature a delectable spread, a specially crafted cake, festive decorations, and an exclusive guest list. Naturally, a unique dress was also essential for the birthday girl.

“My mom discovered the perfect dress on Amazon,” Olavarria revealed. “At first, I thought she was joking, but my mom never jokes when it comes to our beloved pets.”

cat quinceanera

The party venue transformed into a whimsical haven adorned with a vibrant pink tablecloth, balloons, and charming floral accents. Luna’s family spared no effort in ensuring that the ambience conveyed just how cherished she is.

cat quinceanera

When the eagerly anticipated day arrived, Luna was adorned in her elegant pink dress and seated at the head of the table. The family joyously celebrated the wonderful 15 years they had shared with Luna. With 12 close family members and friends in attendance, they reveled for three memorable hours, reveling in good company and savoring a delectable feast that included a traditional tres leches cake.

cat quinceanera

Luna, too, relished in the festivities—particularly when presented with her own special treat. Olavarria expressed, “She was a good sport throughout the entire event, and we genuinely believe she knew we were celebrating her. Her delight reached new heights when we unveiled a tantalizing can of tuna, exclusively for her.”

cat quinceanera

Following Luna’s extraordinary quinceañera, her family continued to cherish and shower her with love for the next five years. Sadly, at the age of 20, they bid farewell to their extraordinary feline companion. However, the cherished memories and the bond they shared with Luna will remain eternally imprinted in their hearts.

“We will miss her warm belly, sweet kisses, gentle snoring, and even her demanding meows for wet food,” Luna’s family shared on Instagram. “I have loved you your entire life, and I will miss you for the rest of mine.”

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