Download Win 7 Ultimate Lite Super Fast 2022

Win 7 Ultimate Lite is made from Ivankehayov’s Windows 7 Lite suite that has removed unnecessary components.

Win 7 Ultimate Lite 2022

Win 7 Ultimate Lite 2022


  • Optimize services, registry,…. to make windows run smoother.
  • This is a windows setup, so it won’t include any components
  • If you don’t activate windows, use the key or download the active tool here
  • This is a Windows lite version, so please prepare a driver or driver set before installing

Download Windows 7 Ultimate Lite

Win 7 Ultimate lite 2022

Download here

Win 7 Ultimate Lite super fast

Name Size MD5
Win 7 Lite x86 Lehait.gho 720 MB 38812C8F – 3C85AD8F – 0AF34D5C – 3B2663D4
Win 7 Lite x64 Lehait.gho 1.07 Gb 66E0CDE2 – 3B7DC37B – 300669D2 – AA254BFB
Win 7 Lite x86 Rebuild Lehait.iso 699 MB 2C59A2A6 – 535C75DA – AB588B2F – E9FABD01
Win 7 Lite x64 Rebuild Lehait.iso 984 MB 10FDA558 – 53C887B4 – DCB83A64 – 37AEB384
UEFI Win Lite 7 x64 Lehait.tib 1.0 Gb

3F4C67C8 – AC240253 – C8BA4F5A – 123C17D9

Noted : 

  • This is windows 7 lite so you can’t update to the latest hotfixes
  • For the x64 version, after installing, go to C:\Extra and click on Fix Mouse to fix the 1-click error.
  • In the process of using, if you have any problem, please comment below and I will guide you to fix it
  • I wish you a successful installation to have the lightest version of Windows 7.

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