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Brave Portable free is an open-source Internet browser that was made from the ground to satisfy the needs of both novice and fast speed.

Brave Portable free new update 2021


Brave Portable free download

All seasoned PC users who want to browse the internet with an app that is truly portable and can be moved from one PC to another without any data being left on them.

The app is lightweight, easy to use, fast, and stable, enabling users to experience the full breadth of internet experiences from static pages, dynamic presentations, multimedia streaming, interactive projects, and all other types of content that are fully supported by its underlying Chromium base and its Blink engine.


Anyone who has ever experienced internet browsing on any Chromium-based internet browser will feel at home with Brave Portable. The browser features all of the up-to-date features and services present in modern Chrome, including built-in support for website password management, UI customization, web search shortcuts, and much more. But the bulk of the customizations this app received are centered on online security, fast content rendering that prevents loading of data-grabbing ads and trackers, and full portability.

Brave Portable app also prides itself by offering a truly private browsing experience by offering access to Tor browsing directly in a newly created tab. Tor browsing automatically masks users’ credentials, browsing history and even anonymizes location by routing all data through a series of secure and encrypted servers.

All update and functions

Brave Portable free new update 2021

Most importantly to laptop users, due to the complete elimination of data logging on the local storage (such as elimination of the creation of user logs, writing crash reports, ID generation, and advanced cookie encryption), this browser can even use up to 35% less laptop battery than ordinary browsers. One negative point to such a strong stance against local storage logging means that cookies, passwords, and settings will not be saved across computers.

To install Brave Portable on any desktop or laptop PC, users are simply required to download the latest installer and run it. The target storage location can either be a local hard drive or portable USB stick, enabling users to easily move their Brave Portable browsing experience from one PC to another.

Brave Portable is 100% FREE and can be used without limitations on all modern versions of Windows OS. The app is offered in both native 32-bit and 64-bit formats and can also be enjoyed on Linux and macOS (Intel and ARM64).


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