Download Any Video Converter for Windows 10

Any Video Converter for Windows 10

Any Video Converter for Windows 10


That allows you to convert any video files, so that standard multimedia players support them. It’ll take any downloaded content from the internet and turn them into a workable format.

AVC is a powerful and comprehensive video converter that incorporates an array of interesting features and tools. Converting videos into almost any format is straightforward, and they will seamlessly play on any device. Whether you’re looking for a quick fix or a batch conversion, this software will meet your needs.

A user-friendly interface

The latest version of Any Video Converter offers a brand-new interface that is fast, powerful, and user-friendly. All of the features are conveniently available through the main window. When you first open the app, there are a few helpful tips that will pop up, which will guide you through the various tools.


The interface is split into two tabs to make it easier to convert and play videos. Simply click the ‘Videos’ button to add a new clip, or drag files from your file-manager or desktop directly. Once you test out a trial run, you can import videos and convert them in no time.

If you want to customise your video even more, you can use the clipping button beside each of the uploaded files. This will open a mini player that allows you to preview the footage and decide on your own start and end points. This great for trimming out unnecessary content; it’d a good piece of control to include in an app like this.

With the magic wand tool, you can crop the video, add a watermark, or apply some attractive filters. These filters range from subtle enhancements to more intense effects. The premium version of Any Video Converter includes extra tools as well, such as the ability to remove DRM protection.

Batch convert any formats

any video converter win 10

Any Video Converter stands true to its name. It can convert clips of all formats including MOV, M2TS, MVF, OGM, MOD, FLV, TS, TP,DVR-MS, Divx to more supported file formats like AVI, WMV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MKV, 3GP, and 3G2. You can even convert videos into the MP3 format.

By converting files into these formats, you’ll be able to access them from any iOS, Android, or Blackberry mobile form or tablet. Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Samsung, Roku, or any other device you can quickly access the format you need.

With AVC, you don’t need to know what video codec, bitrate, audio codec, sample rate, or frame rate. You only need to input the desired device.

When you use AVC to convert a batch of videos you won’t feel any lag, considering it doesn’t consume much memory. You can open your browser and continue checking out the news or enjoying videos. You can even do more powerful tasks simultaneously, such as designing a website.

Record videos

One of the solutions that AVC offers that other converters don’t is video recording. Many sites do not allow you to download videos because of encryption algorithms. The software takes care of this issue by using technology to detect video playback and will mark it with a red rectangle. You then use a hotkey to start recording. So it works similarly to a screen recorded with a pre-cropped view. Due to that, it won’t remove the playback features like the timeline or buttons you’d find when you go fullscreen on YouTube.

AVC correctly detects video area of most online streaming video sites correctly. If it happens not to, you can manually adjust the rectangle to your needs. AVC will record audio along with the video, and it will be saved as an MP4.

A powerful YouTube downloader and DVD ripper

The software also features an online video downloading feature, where users simply need to enter a URL from YouTube or Vimeo.

There are some alternative programs that require you to install a plugin if you want to download YouTube videos. Luckily, AVCdoes a better job. The program adopts a true-path detecting script to identify available downloads for the pasted YouTube URL. You’ll then simply chose your desired format and quality.

You can also use AVC to rip a DVD. There are no problems ripping copyright violation.

AVC claims to respect the rights of film companies and artists, so it aims not to violate the rights. You should not copy DVDs for commercial purposes.

Buggy Playback

When it comes to the conversion utility of this application, it works perfectly. Another feature that AVC offers though is video playback. You can click the ‘Play’ tab in order to watch any video from your computer. You can even watch a real-time preview of a clip, before conversion.

Unlike programs like VLC Media Player or Quicktime , this function tends not to run smoothly. Sometimes you will see a blank screen when you try to play a video, even though all controls indicate that it’s working normally.

A good converter

AVC is full-featured yet totally free, and because of this, it’s more powerful than even some of the most professional video converters. This comprehensive encoder allows you to rip files from discs or download them from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Quicktime, Dailymotion, and Facebook.

You can apply filters and effects, share your videos to your network, or burn them to a DVD in almost any format. You can download and convert videos in batches and enjoy a huge array of clearly-presented features.

If you’re seeking an alternative to this program, consider Handbrake or Full Video Converter.

Download Any Video Converter for Windows 10

Any Video Converter for Windows7.1.3

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