UPS Driver Adopts Pit Bull Along Her Route After The Dog’s Owner Passed

As it turns out, not only humans receiving packages are excited to meet the delivery men and women who always bring the packages with a smile. Even pets like dogs are excited whenever these delivery people come by with their trucks!

The drivers get to connect with the pets whenever they drop their owners’ packages. They have the chance to play with the dogs and take some social media-worthy images whenever they get together.

One of these connections made is between UPS driver Katie Newhouser and a pit bull named Leo. The woman has been a driver for UPS for 15 years and one of the houses she usually delivers to is Leo’s owner’s house.

Whenever Katie would arrive with a package for Tina, Leo would consistently greet her and play with her. Over the years and countless deliveries made by Katie, she and Leo found a deeper connection with each other and the route will not be complete without Katie greeting Leo as well.

The dog even recognized him even when they met each other in other places aside from home.

The woman’s first thought was Leo. The dog was just a puppy when Tina got him, which would have made a very long and strong bond between the two. Losing Tina would surely take a toll on the dog.

Cannon is a marine, which made it hard for him to look after Leo as much as Tina did. He eventually decided it would be best for Leo to be with Katie.

Leo was then brought to Katie’s home where he started adjusting to the new environment and the other pets in the house. It was tough, but Katie guide him.

Katie helped Leo adjust to his new home and to the other pets in the house. She knows that Tina would be happy to know that her beloved dog is in good hands.

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