This is What Happens When You Pick Puppies Instead Of Wedding Bouquets

This is What Happens When You Pick Puppies Instead Of Wedding Bouquets

The wedding season of spring/summer 2023 is almost over, but hear me out. I know a couple of trends that would be big for the upcoming season.

This may come as a surprise, but wedding bouquets are so outdated! 

There’s actually something new and much cuter, and it will bring so many compliments, unlike flowers.

I present to you…

Puppies as wedding “bouquets”! 

Seriously, I’m not joking; puppies are the next it thing.

The trend is starting to come alive, thanks to one couple from Connecticut that decided to ditch the traditional wedding style and go with something more unusual, but still pretty pawesome.

Puppies As Special Wedding Guests

wedding guests holding puppies

When John and Becky heard there was a litter of puppies that needed to be fostered right in their area in Northwest, Connecticut, they had to jump on the opportunity.

How hard could it be? 

The poor pups were rejected by their birth mom who was a rescue pound dog, previously used as a bait dog. We all know how traumatized those dogs are.

So, the previous owner, Chelsea, did the right thing, as she wasn’t able to take care of the entire litter all by herself, and called the local shelter.

At The Little Guild, the puppies were welcomed and immediately put up for fostering.

John and Becky first started fostering two of them, Penny and Patch. But, it became clear that the rest of the litter would join their siblings soon.

And, that’s exactly what happened.

Roley, Lucky, and Freckles, the three remaining siblings, joined in on the fun and moved in with John and Becky.

Needless to say, raising five tiny pups that needed to be fed pretty much all the time was complete mayhem.

Chaos and puppies go hand in hand together, and it’s a normal part of growing up.

Around the same time as the puppies started their solids and were finally not too wobbly on their feet, John and Becky’s wedding day was set.

Realizing how much time, patience, and hard work it takes to raise puppies, John and Becky figured out a way to promote adoption and fostering.

What a better way than by including the little ones in their wedding photoshoot! Instead of floral bouquets, the bride and her bridesmaids carried pups from the litter.

The end result was some pretty incredible, heartwarming photos that would put a smile on your face.

First, Becky and John posed for a couple of lovely memorabilia.

bride and groom sitting surrounded by puppies

Don’t they look dashing? Even the puppies wore matching black and white coats for this special black tie event!

photo of bride and groom holding the puppies

Then, Becky posed with her girls, and the amount of beauty in this picture is unbelievable!

bride and bridesmaids holding puppies

Needless to say, the girls melted over how stinkin’ cute the puppies were.

bridesmaids and bride smiling and holding puppies

Then, the boys joined in on the fun.

men wearing tuxedo and holding puppies

They were so cute you could just eat them up!

close-up photo of two men holding puppies

And, lastly, they all had a couple of group photos, sharing doggy kisses and the immense happiness.

group photo of men and woman holding puppies

The big day couldn’t have ended in a more spectacular way.

close-up photo of the wedding group holding puppies

Shortly after the wedding, it was time for the puppies to meet their furever families.

John and Becky were super excited to see the puppies go their own ways. And, they were even more thankful that every puppy from the litter found a loving hooman that will take great care of them.

Thanks for being trendsetters, John and Becky! I hope more people would consider switching floral bouquets for puppies. Just don’t do the bouquet toss later, please!

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