Tears in the streets: The touching two-legged dog that makes fans sad

Clip of a two-legged dog asking for food on the street

In the clip, a stray dog ​​in Thailand is begging for food on the street when people help him and feed him. The dog was thin and boneless, with its hind legs amputated, and its entire body was stripped of its skin as if it had just experienced a fire that made the onlookers feel sorry for it.

The crowd was heartbroken at the sight of a skinny legless dog begging for food:

Dog with two legs amputated has to beg for food on the street

It seems that the dog has been fasting for a long time, so it eats deliciously. The sad eyes look at the camera from time to time, making viewers feel heartbroken. Despite having lost its hind legs, the dog still stands firmly on its other two legs.

Perhaps the dog had been fasting for a long time, so the dog ate the meal deliciously

The clip has received thousands of comments and shares. Most of them expressed their condolences and prayed that luck would come to this poor dog.

NTTD’s friend commented, “ Huhu is so pitiful, why are you in such a mess. 

Facebook VA expressed: ” I can’t hold back the tears when I see it, I don’t know where my owner is, but I have to order food on the street like this.”

“Someone please do something to help this dog, if this dog is in Vietnam I will take him home to take care of him. May God bless you with many good things,” a friend of TL shared.

It is not known at this time if this is a stray but there have been many calls for help for this poor dog. Hopefully, in the near future, the dog will be raised and cared for in the best conditions.

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