Skeleton Dog With The Most Beautiful Eyes Healed To Perfection

Skeleton Dog With The Most Beautiful Eyes Healed To Perfection

Even at his lowest point in life, this dog didn’t lose the sparkle in his gorgeous eyes.

Those piercing baby-blue Husky eyes revealed to us a secret: he’s hoping and strongly believing that things will become better.

Indeed, they did.

When rescuers found a Husky that looked more like a skeleton than a dog, they were in absolute shock. This dog needed immediate help. Every second counted.

Ryker was hanging by a thread, so desperate to find someone to help him.

He almost gave up.

Strength was leaving his tortured body. The skeleton dog was becoming a real skeleton.

And, he’d definitely become one if it wasn’t for Friends of Faye. This brave crew stood up for him, risked everything, and helped Ryker get back on his feet.

This is the heartwarming story of how one written-off Husky healed to pawfection.

The Recovery Is A Long Journey, But We’ll Make It Together

a rescued dog with the most beautiful eyes

I can’t even tell you how many disturbing cases involving dogs I have seen.

But, none of them shook me to the core like Ryker’s did.

I never imagined a dog could be this skinny!

This Husky was so skinny, I don’t know how he even walked! Ryker was all bones. He looked like he almost had no skin left on his tormented body.

But, the weight deficit wasn’t just it. Ryker was truly in some severe health problems. When the rescuers found him, he was suffering from a catastrophic case of mange. On top of that, he had skin and ear infections.

Further examination showed that Ryker also had a heart murmur, as well as Benson’s Syndrome… a form of Alzheimer’s in dogs. |1|



Intentional suffering.

What else could Ryker take?

The cup was already overflowing.

But, when life hits you so hard, when you feel like there’s nothing worse in the world, a change for the better is about to happen.

Ryker was facing a long journey to complete recovery. It was his hope that pushed him forward.

It was a spark in his heart that told him he’d be okay, which made his recovery so successful.

Wait A Second… I’m A Dog! 

the dog is looking at the camera with its mouth open

From day one of his recovery journey, Ryker had a bunch of kind people that took care of him.

With such an incredible and devoted team, recovery was guaranteed.

Soon enough, after he got used to his new life, Ryker started to look better and feel better.

He remembered he was a dog! And, not just any kind of dog; a Husky!

The first time Ryker howled at his caretaker, a glimpse of recognition went across his face.

Wait a second… I know that sound… I’m a dog! I’m a Husky! Now, I remember it all!

But, Ryker didn’t just start to sound like a Husky.

He began to look like one, too.

In just 6 weeks of treatment, Ryker’s mange was long gone. Fur started to grow on his skin.

the dog with the most beautiful eyes sits and looks at the camera

Who would’ve known that a dog with such a horrific case of mange would ever get its Husky coat back?

Who would’ve known that a dog that was once a walking skeleton would ever be a real Husky again?

Ryker Renewed

a beautiful dog is sitting by the pool

As soon as Hillary, from Friends of Faye, posted that Ryker was ready for adoption, applications started pouring in. He had potential pawrents from all across the States, from Seattle to New England.

Everyone wanted to meet the dog that went from this…

starving dog rescued

To this!

the dog with the most beautiful eyes is lying on his pillow

It looked like Ryker was a product of some superior magic.

However, it was just the golden hands of Hilary and the rest of the Friends of Faye crew that helped Ryker get healed to pawfection.

Ryker didn’t go too far from his foster home in Texas. His new pawrents were in Florida, and this Husky was very excited to meet them.

You see, Ryker is definitely not like other Huskies. Instead of preferring snow, Ryker loves the sunny weather and air conditioning more than anything. His new Florida life was more than he could ever imagine.

Ryker was adopted in October of 2021. His sweet pawrents already had a rescue Husky living with them named Dallas.

two dogs on a leash are walking down the street

Dallas and Ryker immediately bonded. They were a couple of goofy dogs, always looking for a way to show off their huskiness. 

Unfortunately, just recently, Ryker lost his big brother, Dallas, and became an only child.

All the love and care his pawrents had for the two dogs poured into Ryker. He’s now living his best life, being a spoiled Husky.

And, let me tell you something… he really deserves it!

You can follow Ryker’s updates on Facebook, where his dad posts updates on their sweet Florida life all the time.

I’m still hoping I’ll see a pic of Ryker swimming in their pool. It’s gotta happen one day. I know he can’t resist it forever.


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