Senior Chihuahua Losing His Home Because Of A Jealous Dog Gets Adopted

Senior Chihuahua Losing His Home Because Of A Jealous Dog Gets Adopted

Gilbert has been a true warrior his entire life!

Despite his miniature size, this proud Chi has never, ever lost his life sparkle, and that’s probably what kept him on his paws all this time.

He was homeless more than once. The last time, he was surrendered to a shelter only three days after he got adopted. His former owner didn’t want him anymore because he made the other dog jealous. So, Gilbert, once again, lost his home!

But, just when it seemed that this senior gentleman would never feel the love of a family again, Aimee walked in his life!

Gilbert’s Been A Fighter His Entire Life

senior chihuahua covered with a gray blanket

Aimee Burton, a dog trainer from San Diego, California, fell in love with Gilbert as soon as she saw him on a shelter website, but when she applied for him, he was already adopted into a different family.

She thought that was about it until she got a call three days later. Apparently, the family who adopted Gilbert didn’t want him anymore, as their other dog was jealous of him.

Aimee didn’t think twice this time, and she immediately rushed over to bring this amazing boi home.

chihuahua wrapped into blanket

She later learned that Gilbert was initially found as a stray dog in Lancaster, California. To this day, his history is vague, but it was a true miracle that he survived all this time on a street. He’s only 4.8 pounds and, despite his size, Gilbert has been a true fighter all his life!

“There’s coyotes and foxes and lots of wildlife. It’s kind of out there. The fact that he survived was pretty crazy,” says Aimee.

From Being Unwanted To A Forever Home

senior chihuahua laying

For the first few days, Gilbert was reserved and shy. Given his previous experience, it was completely normal for this little man to lack trust, but Aimee was patient.

She slowly introduced him to her other dogs and made sure he had all the comfort he needed. A few days later, he came out of his shell and started socializing with his new siblings, revealing his true personality for the first time in a new home!

two dogs on the bed

Despite his age, Gilbert seemed so happy and enthusiastic to live the life he always wanted! He has a bad knee, a collapsing trachea, and dental issues, but that doesn’t stop him from being the man of the house!

Every dog literally gravitates towards Gilbert, and even though he doesn’t have the stamina of his younger siblings, he’s still a proud member of the pack!

Sometimes, when his mom takes other doggos on a walk, he stands on the front porch and gives them the saddest look ever, but as soon as they come back, he’s back again to his perky self!

Aimee loves every single thing about Gilbert, but definitely, the most special part of the day for her is waking him up!

He brightens her day with his adorable smile and just the sweetest pair of eyes! He always looks at her as if he’s ready to have the greatest adventure that day.

He has his own little quirks, but they only make him very special! He eats lettuce, avoids walking on grass, and walks only on dirt and pavement.

Sometimes, he even gets territorial and “gums” his housemates, which is hilarious, as he only has three teeth and cannot really hurt anyone.

chihuahua sleeps

At the end of the day, Gilbert loves being in comfort the most. He loves snuggling next to his mom, and just enjoys her presence the most.

“He loves to be in comfort. He always wants to be on a blanket or under a blanket,” says Aimee.

Once an unwanted doggo that had no place to stay, he’s now the happiest Chi in the world!

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