Resilient Pregnant Dog Survives Rattlesnake Attack and Delivers 7 Puppies Immediately After Rescue

Meet Molly, an indomitable canine mother who defied the odds. Following a traumatic ordeal, Molly is now recovering in the Mutternity Suites of the Arizona Humane Society—a specially designed area where pregnant and nursing dogs receive medical supervision to give birth and nurture their puppies.

The remarkable journey of Molly began when the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) received a distress call from a local emergency animal clinic. The homeless Molly had been bitten by a rattlesnake while heavily pregnant and sought refuge at the clinic.

Fortunately, the clinic had already administered antivenom treatment and witnessed the birth of three puppies by the time AHS’s Emergency Animal Medical Technicians™ (EAMT) arrived to provide assistance.

With urgency and care, the EAMTs safely placed Molly, a 1-year-old dog, and her newborn pups into their pet ambulance. They promptly whisked the growing family away to AHS’s trauma hospital for further attention. During the transit, Molly miraculously welcomed two additional puppies, proving her resilience and unwavering determination.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Molly and her five puppies underwent thorough medical examinations. Subsequently, they were relocated to AHS’s Mutternity Suites, where Molly delivered two more precious puppies.

Now, the family of eight can rest and strengthen their bond in the tranquil surroundings of the Mutternity Suites. Molly and her one-week-old puppies are thriving after their encounter with the rattlesnake and eventful birth. All dogs will remain under the expert care of the Mutternity Suites until they are ready to transition into foster homes.

Molly’s inspiring story is not the only tale of motherly respite within the Mutternity Suites; she shares the space with two other devoted moms. Together, these three extraordinary canines are nurturing a total of 22 puppies, all of whom are receiving exceptional care and attention.

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