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Rescue Pittie Smiles Again In A New Home After Her Heartbreaking Past

Rescue Pittie Smiles Again In A New Home After Her Heartbreaking Past

Seeing a rescue dog thriving in a new home after a horrific past is one of life’s greatest comforts.

The satisfaction you feel knowing that you have helped a canine overcome whatever they’ve been through in the past is incomparable. And, the love you get in return just can’t be described with words!

One such story comes from Oregon. After going through horrible events, a lovely doggo girl, Rogue, was in recovery, still homeless and scared. Then, one day, she saw her soulmate and everything changed for the better!

From Emergency Clinic To A Loving Home

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Rogue miraculously survived a drive-by. She was with her other siblings in a car when the shooting happened, and after being shot in the paw herself, she was the only one who made it.

“The dogs were in the car and there was only one that survived, the puppy, and that was Rogue,” Katie told Cuddle Buddies.

In one day, Rogue lost everything she’d ever known. Her life completely turned upside down, leaving a lifetime of trauma on this poor Pittie.

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A woman named Katie, from McMinnville, Oregon, saw Rogue in the emergency clinic after she brought her own dog, an English Bulldog, Chubz, in for treatment. From the first minute there, Katie felt an instant connection towards Rogue.

And, despite her horrible condition, Rogue showered Katie with love, too! She’d transform into a brand-new girl whenever Katie and Chubz were around.

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The two would sit together throughout therapy and then have a wonderful playtime. Chubz was over the moon every time she would see her new friend, and Katie just knew she had to adopt her!

The three of them went to a forever home together, leaving Rogue’s bad days behind.

They embarked on a transformative journey, and within weeks – Rogue was a completely different dog!

Rogue And Stewie – The Pawesomest Duo

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After a wonderful life in her Oregon home, Chubz crossed the rainbow bridge, leaving everyone in her family devastated. Rogue was so heartbroken once she realized her furever sister was gone – but then, her mom came up with the sweetest plan ever.

After six months of coping with their loss, the family adopted another Pittie Stewie! And, within minutes – Rogue was smiling again! Stewie helped his new sister thrive once again.

“Over the last several months we watched their love for one another grow so strong – we just knew we couldn’t separate them. Rogue raised herself a soulmate for a best friend, and Stewie learned a love deeper than any other,” Katie wrote.

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She literally behaved like a big sister to her new baby brother, teaching Stewie how to dog. And, in return – he followed her everywhere, and made sure she was never, ever alone!

“They share spaces meant for one dog,” says Katie.

In just a few short months, Rogue and Stewie became inseparable. Their parents got used to their bond so much that they even find leaving them in doggy daycare hard. Their special bond is what makes everyone’s day instantly better.

Katie’s so happy to have Rogue and Stewie in her life. Seeing her Pittie girl thrive next to her new sibling after all the hardship she’d been through is a rewarding experience that she wouldn’t change for anything!

Keep up with their activities on their official Instagram account.

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