Puppy Abandoned On Side Of A Dangerous Road Holds Human’s Hand, Begging For A Home

Puppy Abandoned On Side Of A Dangerous Road Holds Human’s Hand, Begging For A Home

Thanks to giant-hearted animal rescuers who work night and day to save as many animals in need as possible, a plethora of stray dogs find their forever home.

Instead of spending their entire life in constant danger, these homeless beauties, thanks to their hooman saviors, get a fresh start and a new chance for a better life.

For Jack, a teeny-tiny stray pup, living on the side of the road was all he knew. Together with his two siblings, he was cruelly dumped by his owner until the good people of Howl Of A Dog showed up in just the perfect time!

A Timely Rescue

three black puppies

Jack and his two sisters, Julia and Jane, were abandoned in a parking lot near a busy road, only a few steps away from the fatal danger.

Thanks to the kind rescuers of Howl OF A Dog, these pups were spotted and saved at just the right time. Right after the rescue, they were successfully transported to the facility for further care, according to the YouTube video they posted.

“We found these three puppies abandoned in a parking, near a busy road. They were actually only a few meters from the road and the danger of them getting hit by cars was huge. They were really lucky to be saved just in time,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

The Road To Recovery

woman and dog sitting together on stairs

Jack has been a lovebug ever since he first came to the rescue. Thanks to his unique personality and just the sweetest smile, he soon became everyone’s favorite.

Within months, Jack learned all the manners necessary for a good family dog. And, in addition, he always showered love on everyone who showed him even the slightest affection.

woman holding black dogs paw

Still, despite all the good care provided in the organization, Jack needed a home. He literally held one of his rescuers’ hands as if he were begging: “Please, take me home!”

Jack has always been showing the nicest companion skills during his walking sessions, and he definitely knows how to behave like one! The problem was there were still no applications coming his way, and he needed to stick around for some more.

Black adult dog on a leash

During this time, he was microchipped, neutered, and prepared for a forever home. His other two siblings were successfully adopted into loving families, and now was the time for Jack to find his happiness.

Wonderful News

two dogs in a car

The greatest news arrived at the rescue’s address just a few months later. An amazing family from Santa Rosa, California, reached out to the organization with only one question – to see if Jack was still available for adoption!

It was a moment of pure joy and happiness for everyone in the facility, knowing that Jack would finally get what he truly deserved all this time – a loving home and forever hoomans to be with!

Black dog sitting on a couch

The greatest news of all was that the family already had a dog a German Shepherd named Lyra, who welcomed him with paws wide open!

“Jack is doing great at his adoptive home, he settled in very quickly and is loving every minute of his new life. He and his new sister Lyra have already become best buddies. It’s like he’s always belonged there,” the Howl Of A Dog team wrote on Facebook.

two dogs sleeping on a bed

Today, Lyra and Jack have the time of their lives with each other, and together with their family, they make every day a new adventure!

His new California home is very close to the ocean, which is amazing due to the fact that Jack just loves water.
After all the searching, it is safe to say that this sweet pup is finally in the right place – and this time, he’s not going anywhere!

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