One Photo Of A Crying Dog Helps His Shelter Buddies Find Their Furever Home

One Photo Of A Crying Dog Helps His Shelter Buddies Find Their Furever Home

There is never a good reason to abandon a pup that gave nothing but unconditional love to its owner.

People who easily leave pooches behind are usually the ones that take dogs for granted and don’t realize these sweet animals have feelings, too.

Fortunately, there are always good Samaritans willing to help and take those pooches to a shelter, but that rarely heals the wound of the owner’s betrayal.

Tears Behind Bars

Being placed in a shelter is a much better option than being left outside without food, water, and a warm place to sleep, but it’s still not a warm home and a loving family.

A doggo that was pictured by the High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) in one of the partnering New Mexico shelters is yearning for cuddles, attention, and a loving owner who won’t betray him.

crying dog in the shelter

The HPHS is focused on saving animals in Curry County and surrounding areas from abuse and negligence. The organization promotes positive stories, but it also points out the issues regarding dog-owning and abandonment of canines.

The HPHS staff regularly take pictures of pooches at their and their partnering shelters, which is how they got to meet a little doggie that was completely devastated and even had tears in his eyes.

a sad dog lies on the sidewalks

The pup seemed to be so sad behind the kennel doors that the staff decided to take a photo of him behind the metal bars and show the reality of a dog’s life after abandonment.

The photo they got was heartbreaking, but the story behind it is even sadder.

The doggie looked so sad, like he knew no one was coming to pick him up from the shelter and that he would stay there for the rest of his life.

During the photoshoot, he looked like he was begging someone to take him home.

Dreams Do Come True

When the HPHS got their photos published on their official Facebook page, the staff had a good feeling regarding the crying doggie. Somehow, they knew that his time was coming.

And, they weren’t wrong.

There were applications coming from all over the world, as everyone wanted to adopt the pup that even got the name, “Crying Dog”.

The shelter volunteers picked out a woman who turned out to be the best choice for the pooch, as she was able to offer him a furever home filled with affection and positive energy, which brought out the best in the pup, too.

the dog stands on its hind legs next to the woman while she caresses her

The story about the ‘Crying Dog’ has become hugely popular, which is why some people contact the shelter even today, although the pooch has been adopted long before.

The HPHS explained that they actually deleted the original post with the doggo’s photo and updated this one just to make sure everyone understands the current situation:

We do appreciate the kind, concerned callers wanting to adopt her; however, the dog was adopted that day, 4 years ago.

But, there are still plenty of wonderful pooches that deserve to be adopted, so I hope those interested in adopting Crying Dog have found another one that needs a home, too.

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