Janitor Hears Loud Cries Coming From A Box With “Free Clothes” Written On It

Janitor Hears Loud Cries Coming From A Box With “Free Clothes” Written On It

A little while back in Pennsylvania, a janitor was on trash duty when they suddenly heard loud cries emanating from behind the dumpster. They quickly scanned the area and realized that the cries were coming from a sealed box labeled “free clothes.”

Without hesitation, they brought the mysterious box indoors and carefully opened it, only to discover four tiny ginger-white kittens inside.

photo of a box nd dumpster

One of the kittens appeared noticeably larger than the others, estimated to be about 10 weeks old, while the rest were around 5 weeks old. It was evident that all of them needed urgent care, so the janitor devised a thoughtful plan.

They reached out to a woman named Noelle Blanchard, the head of a nonprofit rescue organization based in Pennsylvania, known as Noelle’s Foster Kittens.

kittens in a box

Noelle sprang into action, recalling the moment:

“I got the call and rushed right over to pick them up. They were starving and dehydrated, and also full of fleas, but they’re doing a lot better now. We gave them lots of kitten milk, wet food, and a flea bath.”

three kittens eating in a box

These kittens were discovered inside a McDonald’s box, earning them the affectionate nickname, the “McDonald’s babies.”

Given the unique circumstances of their rescue, they were individually named French Fry, Cheeseburger, Happy Meal, and McNugget.

photo of kittens eating

The mystery of how these kittens ended up abandoned in a box remains unsolved, as does the question of how someone could have the heart to do such a thing. However, one thing is certain: they were rescued just in the nick of time!

These kittens never ceased their cries for help, and today, they are all safe and sound, thanks to the swift action of their rescuers.

three cute kittens

As time goes on, all of the McDonald’s kittens are thriving and growing more independent with each passing day.

photo of kittens sitting

Soon, they will be ready for adoption. I highly encourage you to visit Noelle’s Facebook page to ensure you don’t miss the opportunity to welcome one of these adorable babies into your home.

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