How to Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl

It’s difficul to catch the famous electric mouse mascot of the Pokémon series, Pikachu, in Pokémon Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl, all it requires is the knowledge of where to look how to catch Pikachu in Pokemon.

How to Catch Pikachu in Pokemon Platinum

how to catch pikachu in pokemon


Fortunately, in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, you can simply tromp through some tall grass and find this adorable critter through a random encounter.

1. Catching a Trophy Garden Pikachu

  • Have at least 5 badges
These badges will ensure that your new Pokémon not only obeys you, but will also ensure that your way is not barred by enemies who are too difficult, or plot points that you cannot get around.
  • Fly or walk to Hearthome City
This is an excellent place to disembark for the Pokémon Mansion, where you will be able to find and catch a Pikachu. The mansion is located in the northern half of Route 212, or directly south of Hearthome City.

  • Walk south from Hearthome City

When you see a man and a woman standing close to each other, take a right turn and follow the path north to the Pokémon Mansion.

  • Find the Trophy Garden.
The Trophy Garden is an area located behind the Pokémon Mansion where you can find many rare Pokemon.Find your way to the back of the building, and you should see a rectangular patch of raised ground accessible by a stairway.
Hunt for Pikachu in the tall grass

Like many other Pokémon, Pikachu can be found through a random encounter. Make sure you have enough Pokeballs and have chosen a good Pokémon from your party to counter its electric attacks. Some types that are strong against electric attacks, and good to consider using in battle against Pikachu, are:

  • Ground
  • Grass
  • Electric
  • Dragon

Weaken it and catch it!

You will have to weaken the Pikachu in battle so that when you throw a Pokeball to capture the Pikachu it doesn’t break free.

Trading, easy catch Pikachu in Pokemon

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Retrieve your Pokédex from Professor Rowan in Sandgem Town

All Pokémon games have at least one requirement you must fulfill to start trading Pokémon with other players. In Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl, you must have a Pokedex and at least two Pokémon in your party before you can trade.
Make your trade desirable

Some Pokémon are only available in certain versions of the game. If you are having trouble catching Pikachu, or if want to have it on your team before you’ve collected the necessary number of badges and completed certain plot points, you can trade one of your version exclusive Pokémon for a Pikachu with a friend.

  • Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum have a long list of Pokémon exclusive to each game. Search, “Pokemon exclusive to [Game Name]” online, to find a comprehensive list.
Find a Pokémon Wi-Fi Club
These are located in the downstairs of your local Pokémon Center. There you should find two women standing at the center counter. When you speak with them, they will ask you if you’d like to use the Nintendo WFC. Select “Yes” from the options.
Save your game

To establish your connection to the Wi-Fi Club, you will need to choose “Yes” twice to save your game, and then one more time to begin the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

  • Connecting for the first time will bring up the Connection Setup Utility, which will help you set up a connection file. Read the Wi-Fi Connection warning and then select “Yes” again to proceed.
Either “apply” or “invite” your friends to trade
When you have connected to the Wi-Fi Club, you’ll see a screen called the “Connected Friends” screen. Each of your friends’ will have an icon by their name, indicating what they are doing (Recruiting Battle, Recruiting Trade, Battling, Trading, Voice Chatting, Standing By, or Voice Chat Off).[7]

  • Use the “apply” option to join a friend who is inviting you to battle or trade.
  • Use the “invite” option to request a friend join you in a battle or trade.
  • Initiate Voice Chat to speak with other players.
Make the trade. Now that you’re on the wireless network and have a Pokémon to trade for your friend’s Pikachu, select the Pokémon you’re willing to part with, and complete the trade.
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