Homeless Puppy Interrupst 15-year-old Photo Session And Takes Center Stage

Homeless Puppy Interrupst 15-year-old Photo Session And Takes Center Stage

The canine was really welcome, according to the second protagonist.

The photography expert Néster Nez described his subject as “he, all nice and photogenic, who took the lap that was provided to him” when he posted his work online. Never underestimate the power of images to communicate.

Olivia Nez Zaragoza was the young woman who wanted that incident to be remembered in history, but she was not aware that she would have to contribute significantly to it. The quinceanera, who welcomed this puppy onto her lap, smiled the entire time the photos were being taken.Aficionados of these animals believe that dogs have the capacity to evolve at any time. No of the situation, their simple existence adds a special thrill and sensitivity that makes every second extraordinary, as countless users have noted.

The bizarre photo shoot took place in Cuba’s Plaza de La Viga, a venue for several contests for female beauty. When he curiously approaches, I make a sign to Oli, said Nester, recalling how that once-in-a-lifetime incident transpired. “We were going by, concerned because of the session of fifteen, because of the schedules, the sun, when he curiously approaches.The visit was really pleasant because the creature was fairly attractive and openly leaned on the girl’s clothing. The publication was called ” Los quince de Firulais ” by the Internet users who were smitten with the image.

The rest were them: Firulais, all loving and photogenic, who embraced the lap they offered him, and Olivia, who not only touched him but sat down, » noted the photography expert. Such a lovely quinceaera and a lovely smile. “One of the people who found the article said, “She enjoyed it, and that can be seen in the picture. Around 5,000 people “liked” the image on Facebook and Instagram. It produced the fio as well.The following comments were made: “The nicest present she could have,” “They look like the XV of Firulais and the fifteen-year-old looks like a bridesmaid,” and “How lovely the girl’s sensitivity when playing with the dog, humility above all “.

Despite the puppy’s kind disposition, photographer Nester said that he could not accept him into his home because he already had a number of pets. On the other hand, he urged people to adopt street animals who require care.The dog had apparently been adopted by a family that would take care of it, according to certain comments made in the article by different users, although the photographer has not confirmed this information.

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