Dramatiс Dоg Giνеs Oνеr-Thе-Tоρ Pеrfоrmanсе On Pеt Cam WhiIе His Mоms Arе Away

This is the face of a dog who wonders why his moms have left him here all alone and if he will ever get any attention ever again. But don’t buy into his sad looks — it’s all an act!

“Someone please give my boy an Oscar for best dog cam performance of the year,” one of his moms wrote in the caption of a March 28 Instagram post showing a few clips from their pet cam. “He’s being so extra. There’s literally no way he doesn’t know we are watching him.”

“He is definitely always dramatic,” Einstein’s mom Maria Christine Myhren-Dahl told The Dodo. “He has been spoiled with a lot of attention and [is] almost never home alone. He demands attention and snuggles each second of every day.”

She continued, “If we don’t give him attention, he will walk to the other side of the couch with his back turned against us and pout with the most dramatic stares of betrayal.”

Myhren-Dahl and her partner, Frida Linnea Myhren-Dahl adơрted Einstein in January 2022. “On our first date, [Frida and I] found out that the both of us wanted dogs and that we wanted the same breed: bull terrier,” Myhren-Dahl said. “[Einstein] completely melted our hearts from the beginning!”

Einstein has definitely learned to lean into his only-child role. “We have never seen a dog so happy to get attention,” Myhren-Dahl said. “If we have gone five minutes without giving him attention and then start to cuddle him, he gets as excited as if we have been away from him for hours.”

And his Oscar-worthy performance was not a one-time deal. Myhren-Dahl said that he acts this way every time he is left alone. “In the video, you can see that he has access to his crate with a comfortable bed and the couch, lots of toys, and usually treats. But no, he chooses to lay on the floor and then proceeds to send this dеаth stare into the camera.”

Myhren-Dahl told The Dodo that Einstein often lays with his nose pressed to the front door so that, if he falls asleep, he will wake up as soon as one of his moms tries to open the door.”

Although he’s incredibly dramatic when the pet cam is on, he’s even more dramatic when his moms finally come home from being out. “Every time we get home and he has been home alone, he makes a big scene out of it,” Myhren-Dahl continued. He begs for belly rubs, violently wags his tail, jumps, licks and runs to get a toy to show off.

“Then he will start complaining likе crazy, whining, making weird monkey sounds,” Myhren-Dahl said. “It’s likе he is complaining to us, ‘Mommies, you left me home alone. It was terrible.’”

So, the only solution is to bring Einstein along with them whenever they can.

On top of being an A-list actor, Einstein is also incredibly smart and has a “strong, expressive personality,” Myhren-Dahl said. “He is also extremely clumsy … Every time he falls or does something clumsy, he looks at us immediately and has the most embarrassed look, likе, ‘You didn’t see that, right?’ Or he will just run to his crate to escape the embarrassment.”

And when he’s not on set, Einstein loves to go on walks with his moms and go ball hunting. “We live nearby a school where they often leave out brơkеn balls. Einstein loves to find those,” Myhren-Dahl said. He also loves snuggling, playing hide-and-seek, and visiting with his grandma, grandpa, cousins and his uncle Hans.

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