Despite adversity, this faithful dog remains in the arms of his homeless owner, regardless of hunger or cold.

Despite having to live in difficult and deprived conditions, the loyal dogs remain close and involved with their homeless owner.

Once a close and close relationship has been established with the beloved owner, the dogs will remain loyal and attached to the owner despite much changing circumstances and conditions for the dog’s life and care. whatever. For the homeless, many dogs become loyal companions because even though many people turn their backs on them, these dogs still love them and give them unconditional love. Even in dangerous streets, dogs even protect and take care of their miserable owners’ sleep and safety.

Surprisingly, in return, many homeless people agree to go hungry in order to feed their dogs and drink their loved ones. Although it is not possible to provide your close friends with the best living conditions, the homeless always give them the greatest love and care. Check out the emotional pictures between the dogs and their homeless owners below:

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