Deserted dog sought warmth within a cardboard box.


Deserted dog sought warmth within a cardboard box.

It was Christmas Eve, a time where most humans and animals are tucked away inside, warm and cozy, celebrating the holiday season. For one pup, however, this was not the case.

One homeless dog was seeking refuge from the cold in any way she could; in an ironic and somewhat cruel twist of fate, this happened to be an old, discarded box, which probably once contained supplies, or even Christmas gifts, for companion animals who have homes.

She had absolutely no one who cared about her. She was wandering the streets, trying to find any hiding spot where she could keep warm. And that’s when Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, spotted her.

The dog’s name became known as Noel. And Guido, as she’s done so many times before, started the hard work of earning the dog’s trust so she could be saved. At first, the dog did not allow anyone to approach him. He growls and threatens every time someone wants to get close. But with her love, she got his affection.

The Rescue Shelter thought Noel would be perfect for a family who had initially inquired about a different dog – and when Noel met the family’s toddler, they became inseparable. His little owner’s name is Oliver. When Noel met Oliver, the Blochs’ toddler, it was clear that she’d found her soulmate.

“She loves to just stare at him,” Bloch said. “She also likes to stare people down when they’re on the phone.” (Noel was looking straight at him during his phone call )

If Oliver is visiting his grandparents for the day, Noel spends most of her time wandering around the house looking for him.

It’s suspected that Noel wasn’t just a regular stray, that she was perhaps abandoned by her previous family and had been trying to fend for herself since. It’s likely we’ll never know what brought Noel to such desperate conditions — but it’s certain that she’ll never have to be alone again.

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