“Adorable Video of Tiny Dog Being Washed in a Bowl Melts Hearts Online”

Prepare to be captivated by the heartwarming sight of a tiny dog receiving a bath in a bowl at a grooming salon. A viral video circulating on social media has melted hearts worldwide with its adorable portrayal of Monroe, a female Mi-Ki dog, undergoing her regular grooming session at Doggy Styling U.K., a boutique salon located near London, England.

The video showcases Monroe’s entire grooming experience, allowing viewers to witness her reactions throughout the process. The Mi-Ki breed, derived from the Maltese, Japanese Chin, and Papillon breeds, takes center stage in the video, introducing audiences to the delightful charm of Monroe.

The footage unveils Monroe’s indulgence in a luxurious bath, complete with a selection of shampoos. Due to her remarkably small size, the grooming team at the salon utilizes a small bowl to accommodate her during the grooming process. This innovative approach ensures that Monroe remains safe and secure, preventing her from being overwhelmed by the water pressure in the bath. The salon affectionately describes Monroe as the tiniest dog they have ever groomed, emphasizing her unique size and the special care she requires.

Following her spa-like bath, Monroe is gently wrapped in a cozy towel and taken to a grooming table, where her claws are trimmed and her paw-pad fur is delicately shaved. The video reveals that Monroe experienced some queasiness during her journey to the salon, prompting her groomer to grant her a well-deserved break to alleviate her discomfort.

Although the Mi-Ki breed is not yet widely recognized, these dogs possess a common silky coat and petite frame. They are distant relatives of Yorkshire terriers. Monroe’s minuscule proportions posed a challenge during the grooming process, as the salon’s standard clippers and scissors were too large for her delicate frame. However, the skilled grooming staff at the Weybridge branch of the salon rose to the occasion, delivering a stylish and impeccable cut that is unveiled to TikTok users at the conclusion of the video.


Doggy Daily Episode 67: Monroe the Mi-Ki • • • • Mi-Ki dogs are known for their affectionate and loyal temperament, making them great companion pets. They are also hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for people with allergies. Mi-Ki dogs are a small breed, typically weighing between 1.8-3.6 kilos and standing at a height of 8 to 10 inches at the shoulder. They have a long, silky coat which can come in a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, and cream.

The comments section beneath the TikTok post, originally shared by @DoggyStylingUK on June 2, has been flooded with admiration for the enchanting dog. Garnering over 1.4 million views and 200,000 likes, the post has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide. Numerous individuals have expressed their fascination with the Mi-Ki breed, sharing stories of their own encounters with these rare and delightful dogs. Users have also taken note of the endearing trembling often exhibited by small dogs, appreciating their delicate nature.

Witness the enchantment of Monroe’s grooming session in the TikTok video, where the irresistible charm of this tiny dog is sure to bring joy to your day.”Adorable Video of Tiny Dog Being Washed in a Bowl Melts Hearts Online”.

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