A Lazy Dog Who Refuses To Walk Becomes A Local Celebrity

A Lazy Dog Who Refuses To Walk Becomes A Local Celebrity

Lord Leo, an eight-year-old Pomeranian living in New York City, became somewhat of a celebrity in the Big Apple.

Even though he loves going out on his daily walks, Leo sure gets tired of them too soon. Because of this, this dog soon became known as Lord Leo, the Lazy Pom.

One Lazy Dog

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Now, you might be thinking what is so special about this lazy dog that makes him a celebrity? Allow me to explain.

Whenever Lord Leo goes out on his daily walk with his parents, Jess and Nick, he does a very special thing.

The second he gets too tired, he plops down on his back, lifting his paws in the air and refusing to continue walking.

“When Lord Leo doesn’t feel like walking, his legs lock up and down he goes. I kind of view him as a toddler having a meltdown,” said Jess.

Jess also added that she has a very hard time getting Leo back on his feet again. He simply wants to lie down and have a little break – and some attention.

The reactions of people who see Leo on the street vary tremendously. Sometimes people get very concerned because he is very dedicated to his craft… But then it’s really fun to see people get a kick out of it and smile.

Whoever passes this lazy little dog on the street can’t help but wonder what is going on.

I like to say that Leo’s batteries get recharged with belly rubs. Belly rubs are encouraged and recommended.

Doing The Leo

Leo’s parents were so fascinated with this little activity their dog does that they had to give it a name: ‘The Leo’.

He would do ‘The Leo’ for hours if he was given the opportunity.

Jess and Nick do try to wait and let Leo do The Leo, but sometimes they have to pull out the secret weapon – a treat.

‘Do you want a treat?’ will get Leo up from being comatose to absolutely alert in about one second.

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Leo simply isn’t a typical energetic dog. He doesn’t like toys or playing with other dogs – he just likes to lie down and relax, putting in minimal effort.

However, if somebody mentions Starbucks, his energy level goes through the roof and he is up on his paws, ready to go and get himself a treat.

Leo has an obsession with Starbucks because Starbucks has those pup cups.

As soon as they get to the store, Leo knows exactly what to do – he gets in line and waits for his order to be ready.

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Despite his little efforts to avoid walking, his parents make sure he gets his daily physical activity, knowing how important it is to his overall health.

But, they still let him do his little trick, showing everybody just how adorable he is.

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