7 Years Later,Missing Dog Reunited With Owner At Virginia Animal Shelter

Seven years after a cute little pointy-eared dog named Starsky and his brother Hutch disappeared from a Fauquier County, Virginia, home, Starsky has been reunited with his owner.

According to a Facebook post, the dog was brought to the Spotsylvania Animal Shelter on March 3. The animal shelter said, “because of a microchip, we were able to contact his family who had long ago assumed he had passed away.”

In the video posted online, seconds after entering the room, Starsky gave his long-lost-owner a kiss, as she could be heard sobbing happily.

The shelter is reminding pet owners to have their animal friends microchipped, and never give up hope.

Starsky’s owner said she has renewed hope that Hutch will somehow find his way home, too.

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