This Puppy Is Lighting Up The Internet With Her Adorable Facial Expressions.

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This Puppy Is Lighting Up The Internet

  1. Cute puppy

This adorable pup from South Korea is lighting up the internet with her adorable smile. Ham Arang is a perfectly-coiffed Bichon Frise who boasts over 192,000 followers on Instagram.

Have you ever seen a dog who resembles a fluffy, smiling puff of cloud? If not, today is your lucky day!

2. She often appears to be smiling in her pictures, giving her an adorably human look.

3. Look at those black paw pads! Is this a real dog or a stuffed toy?

4. She even looks precious when she’s angry.

5. A full range of emotions shows up plainly on her face. Here she is doing some light mediation.

6. But it’s that toothy smile that has us cracking up.

7. Here she is giving us her best “feisty” look. Nailed it!

8. This picture makes her look kind of guilty. Whatever she did, we forgive her!

9. Her owner sometimes adds to the cuteness factor by dressing her up in precious outfits.

10. She’s such a little diva, we can’t stand it!

11. In case you were wondering, yes, she even looks cute while she’s asleep.

12. She sometimes poses in the car, but hopefully this is as close as she’ll get to actually driving.

13. Not every photo is flattering, but they’re all cute anyway.

14. Have you ever seen a more perfect little fluff ball in your entire life?

15. We could look at this happy mug all day long!

Female Bichons like Ham Arang usually don’t weigh more than 11 pounds, and they’re known for being playful and affectionate companions. We may not understand the Korean captions on her Instagram page, but some things transcend language!

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