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Pikachu is the most famous matching image game for computers. Until now, there are many different versions of the matching game released, but Game Pikachu classic offline is always the first choice of all gamers.

Game Pikachu Classic Offline 2021

download game pikachu classic


Game Pikachu classic offline with the appearance of different pokemon versions, with countless classic but very cute shapes. The game attracts gamers of all ages and has a compact capacity that has brought players exciting moments of entertainment that no other game has.

Game Pikachu takes the image from the Pokemon cartoon, originating from Japan. You can play Pikachu online right on your web browser or you can also play it on your computer. The gameplay is very simple that you need to find two identical Pokemon in a rectangular board. So that connect them together by straight lines with no more than 3 bends.

When you first start playing the game, you may be dizzy or find it a little difficult because of the variety of Pokemon images in the game up to dozens of images and it is very difficult to achieve a high score.

However, just playing for a very short time about 30 minutes, you will get familiar with how to find the same figure and feel interesting. The game pikachu has many different screens with different ways of arranging pictures and “eating points” rules: it can be a stationary image, left to right, up, down, in the middle…

Initially playing the game Pikachu you will be granted 10 lives, but do not be subjective because this number of lives will be deducted when there is only one pair of identical Pikachu left on the screen. Please calculate the moves carefully, but also have to be quick and quick.


  • Supports many different scoring rules.
  • Vivid sound, beautiful picture.
  • Compatible with most operating systems today.
  • Simple gameplay, suitable for all ages.
  • Provides 10 lives to play.
  • There are many ways to arrange Pokemon: Stand still, up, down, left, right, middle.
  • Support play game offline without network connection.

Summary, although Pikachu has been around for a long time, it is still attractive to players, suitable for all ages, download Pikachu and train your people to be quick and sharp.

Download Game Pikachu classic offline

Download here

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